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We are a team of highly-trained psychologists, relationship counselors, and dating coaches who will assist in your search for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.  Our High-End Matchmaking service takes the guess work out of dating and focuses on the science behind building and growing a successful relationship.

Our clients choose us because of the personal, hands-on service they receive.  Our relationship counselors and dating coaches will walk you through each step of the process from a comprehensive self-analysis to reviewing profiles of potential partners.  We will assist in arranging the all-important first date and help you evaluate your date to determine next steps. You will never feel alone while searching for a happy relationship with our professional matchmaking service.

Our Clients

Patrick from Ireland shares his experience about our high end matchmaking service.

Patrick D.

general manager

João from Brazil, June 2021 tells about our professional matchmaking service

João from Brazil

Digital Marketer, frelancer

So…. Why are you still single?

Most people don’t know how to grow a fulfilling relationship.

So many people fail because they don’t understand what goes in to making a relationship work.  It takes some time and effort to understand what each person in a relationship needs and wants.

 Men and women act and behave differently in the different stages of a relationship.  Unless you understand how these early stages work, you’re doomed to stay on the dating treadmill.

So what are you supposed to do?

Let us help you.

The relationship counselors and psychologists at 1Matching are here to help.  Using our unique high end matchmaking service, we will help you not only find a suitable match, but we will guide you through the relationship phases, showing you at each step how to build and grow a healthy and happy relationship with your new potential partner.

How exactly?

We provide you with the counseling and guidance of an expert relationship psychologist.

Most people think that they may only need a psychologist to deal with past problems or pain.  That’s not exactly true.  A psychologist can help you in different phases of your life, including dating.

A relationship psychologist is a trained counselor who can help you understand yourself, your wants and needs, and help you understand the opposite sex.  Our relationship coaches will help you avoid common obstacles while navigating the early stages of dating so that you can make truly meaningful connections while avoiding mistakes that could have a damaging effect.


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 ✓ When you become a client of our high-end matchmaking service, you will work with one of our certified and experienced relationship coaches who will guide you through the entire process.  Your counselor will provide you with compatible profiles and assist in selecting potential matches.  But it doesn’t stop there.

 ✓ During the process, you will learn what is critical in building a relationship, especially in the early stages. 

  Wouldn’t it be nice to understand what you should look for when choosing a partner and what things you can ignore?  You counselor will alert you to potential red flags and show you what kinds of things you can forgive and what things you should pay attention to.  During this process, you will learn what is crucial in a healthy relationship and what you need to make that relationship enjoyable and rewarding.

  Our team of professional matchmakers and relationship psychologists sincerely want to help you make the right decisions and find the perfect partner while establishing the foundation for a successful and happy relationship.

Here's how:

    1. We provide coaching and professional consultations with certified relationship psychologists to help you identify, address, and repair your inner issues first in order to guide you in the right direction. You have to understand what made your past relationships fail before you can change destructive patterns.

    2. We assist you in selecting matches. Our profiles are pre-screened and unique to you.  We don’t just show you every member profile and let you pick.  We emphasize quality over quantity.

    3. We support you throughout the process for as long as you need to help you succeed in your new relationship.

With the help of our guidance and coaching, you are able to build a solid foundation for future relationships.  Don’t get caught up in the relationship treadmill of swiping and matching with endless frustrations and no results.

Our goal is to help you transcend the dating experience to create a healthy, happy, and satisfying long-term relationship.

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