What are best sexy words you may call your woman?

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Talking to your woman is a real art and not each man can master it, unfortunately. If you are not a born seducer, you can learn the sexiest word to tell your woman and make her feel crazy about you.

We made a major research and found only vocabularies which offer different kind of  synonyms for sexy.

But we couldn’t find any practical advice for Men to help them improve their intimate communication with their lady, mainly to suggest sexy words to call her when it’s needed…

In a current article, created by our best psychologists  we are to give you practical advice of:
– How to use sexy words in a correct manner
– How to diversify your conversations using synonyms for sexy



 Why you should tell your woman the sexiest word

Women are  very complicated creatures. You should not try to understand them because it is almost impossible. Just try to realize that your woman must be pampered as a tender flower and from time to time, your relationship must be warmed up, as well. To do this, it is not enough to call her ” hot and sexy” from time to time. 

We constantly talk about the fact that relationships need to be worked out. Many of our clients find it difficult to have intimate conversations, even during intimate practice. Therefore, we decided to create this article to share with you some PRO Tips of what can be another word for Sexy or synonym for sexy how to use it …


sexiest word


Actually, women’s psychology is created in the way that when you do not tell her anything about her sexuality not to seem rude, she thinks she is not attractive. However, when you directly tell her that you want her, she thinks you allow yourself too much. Therefore, it is necessary to find the golden mean and select the sexiest word or words that will make her feel to be loved and desired on the necessary level. Without it, you risk being on the list of those who lost interest in this lady.

There are plenty of sexy adjectives but of course, men do not always realize where the allowed limit of such words is. If you are going to make your relationship spicy, it is crucial not to forget about making your woman feel very sexy. There is good news, guys — there are sexy hot words that will definitely make your woman want you. There is bad news although — such words are very individual and different for all women, especially taking into account their locations.


sexiest word

Let us make it clear. American women are more open-minded and they do not mind hearing that they are sexy hot women. And for example: Ukrainian women, on the contrary, are more conservative and such words will offend them. If you tell a Ukrainian woman that she is a hottie, it would be better to think of a more literary synonym. Your words will be taken as an offense. Any Ukrainian woman, even if she is the most open-minded lady ever, will not stand to be called this way and this will be the biggest turn-off for her. Such words will make an impression that you are not serious at all and a sort of a womanizer. To avoid that, learn a sexy synonym that will make her really appreciate that and turn her on. Let us see what you can tell in this case.

What words to use to make her want you:

Some men do not think too hard and simply tell women that they want them. Of course, it is already sexy but it does not work with everyone. The phrase “I want you” works much better when you are already in a relationship. When you want to seduce a woman or want to be desired and wanted by her, it is better to find the best synonyms for sexy words.

Women adore hearing that they are sexy but you should tell this very carefully not to break the thin line between sexuality and vulgarity. Some of the words can be the best aphrodisiacs for women. They are to tap into her desire whenever you want or need it.


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Here are hot sexy words that will make you woman want you right away:

Her name. Whispering her name is extremely sexy for women. If you are looking for a sexy modest word, her name is exactly what you need. The truth is women are narcissistic. When you whisper her name or tell it softly and tenderly, she believes she is a special one, not a random lady in your imagination. She is the one who makes you feel special and your “message” is personalized. She wants to be the one, so let her feel it.

“I love the way you look” instead of “You look great”. The word “love” brings a special tone to your message. Arlene Goldman, Ph.D., a sex therapist in Philadelphia and author of Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy says that when saying “I love the way you look, dress, etc.”, you make your message more passionate and positive when simply using the word “like”.

“Tight”. This is another word for sexy. This word is absolutely not vulgar and it only makes her feel that her body is young and fit. You admire her body and excellent shape and there is no better way to do that than referring the “tight” word to her body. This word also makes her feel virgin-like and all women want to feel this way for their men.

“Wet”. This word is good for being in bed already. Even if your woman is not fully aroused yet, when hearing “You are getting so wet”, her brain will react immediately. Be careful with this word though because it cannot be applied to unknown ladies. It is a very intimate word, actually.

You”. This word plays the same role as her name. You emphasize the woman and this turns her on. You address your message specifically to your partner. Just tell her “You turn me on” instead of “I am turned on”. The latter shows that you are focused on your sexual desire instead of being focused on your partner. All women want to know why they turn you on and this phrase will let her know she is special.

“Hot pocket”. If you are looking for a sexy funny word for your hot lady, that is it. This word is another name for “vagina” and you can use it when being in the bedroom with your beloved. Of course, use it only if your partner has a good sense of humor, otherwise, she might be offended.

“Yes” or “absolutely”. A yes man is not what all women want but vice versa. However, they love confident men who know what they want. If you are shy, not decisive or uncertain, it is a huge pushover for women. They are attracted to confident and certain guys. When you say “yes” or “absolutely” or “definitely”, you sound very confident. It means that you are a man who wants to make a woman happy and the bedroom is not an exception. Such words help women let go deeper into their pleasure.

“Need”. All women want to be wanted even if they say the opposite. When a man wants a woman, she feels flattered no matter what she says. This raises her sense of being needed and her self-confidence. A woman wants to know how crazy you are about her. Just tell her “I need you so bad” instead of “I want you so bad” and her reaction will not make itself wait long. This way, your desire does not sound like a demand.

“Lascivious”. If your woman is very intelligent and you are afraid to sound vulgar to her, you can impress her with this word that can be found only in The Oxford Living Dictionary. It means “Feeling or revealing an overt sexual interest or desire.”


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What words to use to make her feel hot?

sexiest word for woman

If you want to tell a woman something sexy, you should make her feel special and really stunning. As was mentioned above, women’s pleasure is selfish. Yes, all women want to be the most beautiful ones in your eyes. Yes, a woman wants to be sexy and wants men to think so but she does not want to be called sexy because it is very banal and in many countries, especially in the case of Ukrainian women, it will be perceived as vulgar thing.

So, how to call her hot not telling her she is hot? Here is the list of the sexiest words to tell a woman to make her feel hot:

Charming. A great compliment that makes a woman feel hot subconsciously.

Irresistible. She keeps pulling you back with her sexiness and this word is the best to say that.

Sultry. The best synonym for the word “sexy” to show your creativity.

Ravishing. This is one of the best synonyms for sexy displaying how intense her sexuality is.

Fascinating. Looking for other words for sexy? You found them. This word is more than just a compliment on her body showing that there is much more than her sexuality.

Sensuous. If you want to be the master of flirting, include this word in your “pickup” vocabulary.  This word will let her know that you are knocked off your feet by her sexuality.

Alluring. This word shows that you are lured to her. Women feel extremely sexy when hearing that. This is an extra meaning of her sexuality.

Captivating. This word will not emphasize that her curves or body are very hot but that there is something more about her. Her femininity captures you and your imagination.

Enticing. If you want to cheer her up, sexy word “enticing” will help you do that. It means that only her presence turns you on.


Some tricks (pro TIPS) to make her be always yours

If you have found your girlfriend finally, congratulations! Although finding a woman is not as difficult as keeping her next to you, here we will provide a couple of working tips that will help you be together with your lady as long as possible.

  1. Listen to your woman. Even the sexiest words will not help you save a relationship with your woman if you cannot listen and last but not least, hear her. We all know that men are not as talkative as women and their necessity in communication is much lower than that of women. Therefore, not to let your woman go, you should listen to her at least from time to time. Yes, you are busy and yes, you may not be intended to talk but please, do it. Devote at least thirty minutes per day to let your woman tell you about her needs, news, and desires. This will make you the sexiest and most desirable man in the world.
  2. Be grateful. Everyone wants to receive gratitude for his or her efforts and actions. If you cherish and appreciate your woman, be thankful for everything she is doing for you. Do not accept it as if she follows her duty. If someone does not feel gratitude, she will simply stop doing everything she did for you. Did your woman cook breakfast for you? Tell her how much you appreciate that, even if it seems not a big deal. Your clean and cozy home is also the result of her effort and hard work, always notice that.
  3. Do not forget about dates. Yes, dates are important for women only and men simply cannot recall them all. Just make an effort and set up reminders in your Google calendar not to forget the most important (in the opinion of your woman) dates. It is not difficult to do that thanks to innovations and technical progress but it will bring so much romance and raise you to Olympus in the eyes of your lady!

The bottom line:

If you are looking for the sexiest word to call your woman, try not to sound too kinky and to push her off. Try to be a bit more creative and think of what a particular lady would like. Once again, a lot depends on her origin and culture. If your woman is highly intelligent, look for intelligent synonyms for sexy words. If she is more open-minded, look for something that she would appreciate. Whoever you are going to attract and feel sexy, you will find the appropriate words in this vocabulary of the sexiest words.

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