Best Way To Start A Hinge Conversation: 2 Proven Strategies!

It seems like everyone has their go-to technique for starting conversations. In fact, some people even practice them before they meet someone new.

But when it comes to the world of online dating, deciding on appropriate conversation starters can be a chore.

And well, Hinge is no different. Being a popular dating app with millions of users, you really need to know how to kick off a conversation with someone who’s caught your eye. 

Using just 2 proven strategies, we are going to help you jumpstart a conversation with someone who holds ‘soulmate potential’ for you! 


The Two Proven Strategies That Will Help You Start a Hinge Conversation

You must have come across various strategies and tricks on the internet to start a Hinge conversation. But do you know what makes this post different? We are going to open your mind to two ways of looking at how to initiate a conversation on Hinge. 

This will help you in coming up with a messaging strategy that will bring actual results, while also keeping your originality intact!

So here are the two strategies that are going to help you make it big on Hinge: 

  • Understanding what elements make your first message to a potential match successful: Getting your first message right!
  • Building an interesting Hinge profile that attracts users to engage with you. 

Sounds simple, right? But it’s not. Let’s flesh out the details for each of these strategies so you know exactly what to do next. 


Hinge Strategy # 1: Getting Your First Message Right!

➢Starting your first message actually requires much more deliberation.

➢It should be something that grabs attention and shows your personality. 

➢So if you want to get noticed by others, then you need to make sure that your first message is unique and stands out from the crowd. 

➢This means that you need to use a few keywords that show your interest in the person. 

To put this into action, always keep these three principles in mind: 

  • Your message needs to reflect that you are interested in knowing more about the user 
  • Your message should share basic information about yourself to reflect your personality but also leave room for mystery 
  • Your message should ideally end with a question. We don’t mean that you just add a random question but questions that function as ice breakers really help in keeping the conversation going.


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Now let’s look at some elements of the first messages that you can share on Hinge. You will notice that all of these elements are simple, basic, and to the point. 

1) “Hey there!”This is one of the most common elements of the first messages sent out on Hinge. It’s short, sweet, and leaves a lot of space for the other person to respond. If you’re feeling shy, you could even say “Hi” instead of “Hey”.

2) “What’s your favorite movie?” Another great element of a first message. This can work well if you’re trying to meet someone who shares similar interests.

3) “Do you like sushi?” A third option would be to ask them what their favorite food is. This is a classic opener because it allows you to find out more about the person without being too direct.

4) “Are you single?” This is a very blunt approach but it does give off the impression that you’re interested in finding love. This also works for Hinge because this dating platform is meant for long-term commitments.

5) “How’s life treating you?” This is a good way to start a conversation when you’re looking for friends. You could also try asking how they’re doing.


6) “Where did you go to school?” This is a great way to start a conversation if you’re looking for a friend.

7) “What’s your sign?” This is a fun way to start a conversation. People love talking about themselves and sharing their astrological signs.

Along with these basic elements, it’s recommended that you add a flavor of something that also represents yourself. 

Apart from a common pet peeve, you can also share an interesting fact about yourself. Or if you are feeling daring and want to jump straight to the point, you can share your feelings about the user. 

Hinge Strategy # 2: Building an Attractive Hinge Profile!

Once you’ve decided on a messaging strategy, the next step is to set up an attractive Hinge profile. With the right elements on your profile, the chances of getting responses from potential matches increase. 

If you know anything about social media or dating platforms, you’d know that profile pictures form the backbone of your profile. Having a profile photo that is clear, original, and of high resolution will show your potential match what you look like. 

The best part about Hinge or other platforms is that you can easily change your profile picture whenever you feel like it. So make sure that you have several different versions of your profile picture ready so that you can switch between them depending on the mood you’re in.

Hinge also allows you to add videos, so you can definitely lean on creative ones to catch people’s attention. 

Another important element of your profile on Hinge is your prompt answers! On Hinge, you’ll have the liberty of providing insights into your life by answering ‘prompts’. 

Even if you have a great profile picture, chances of a high match rate go down if you have boring or weird answers to your profile prompts. 

Each prompt allows you to provide an answer, under 150 characters. Use each hinge prompt to highlight a specific, attractive trait of your personality that will attract a match. 

⬇ Some attractive traits that you can add to your prompts include ⬇

  • “DIY” skills
  • Strong family bonds
  • Stable career
  • Ability & means to travel
  • Physical fitness
  • Interesting hobbies

In your prompt answers, you should be very specific about what you are looking for, in a partner. This will help you in narrowing down your search and matches will only respond if your criteria resonates with them!

While formulating your prompt answers, we recommend you: 

  • Select the prompts that help you show who you are and what you are looking for 
  • Add some spice and humor to your answers 
  • Stay original, and creative but also give compelling answers 
  • Do research on amazing Hinge responses

Just put these two strategies to use, see the results for yourself, and thank us later!


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