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Our team is the secret to finding potential match for professional singles. We use a unique process that no one else among Florida Matchmakers has ever done!

 ✓ We don’t just select dates for you, we help find a solution to your relationship issues. Each matchmaking client is profiled and needs are assessed individually by our staff of professional psychologists, who have experience with clientele similar to yours. 

 ✓ Through talk therapy and hands-on advice, we will be there to provide the best insight into the unfurling process of failure that may plague your relationships and how best to avoid them from manifesting.

Most people find it difficult to narrow down their search for a partner and this is where we come in. our team of professionals will help you select just the right person who can be your perfect match as well as to improve your dating game!


Our professional matchmaker team consists of:

Dedicated Florida matchmakers

Professional dating coaches

Certified relationship psychologists who with their consultations you’ll be able to overcome your barriers and past trauma which might hinder you from starting a good relationship

Experts who will be with you and coach you through the process of match selection


So why would someone want our service when they can just go out on their own anyway?

Have you tried speed dating or any other  Florida Matchmakers before?
Or maybe you used a local website to find dates.

It can be fun and maybe lead to some great one-night stands, but never to a serious and long-lasting relationship. 

But what if I told you there was an actual effective way? Our  dedicated Florida Matchmakers will take care of all your needs- from finding potential matches with pinpoint accuracy to helping you build that relationship through whatever comes along!

What makes our matchmaking service different?

  • Our initial interview gives us some basic information about you that will help us to verify whether our Matchmaking service would benefit you. And also leads us to understand your needs better and narrow down potential matches based on what matters most in a partner for you
  • A the very beginning  caring psychologist will work closely with you to figure out what’s holding back the relationship, inspect all aspects of it to improve opportunities – even look at your past dating history to see if there might be something traumatic hiding in plain sight. They won’t stop until you feel confident and strong again.
  • Instead of just getting unlucky digits when you search for a date, a personal matchmaker helps you create an attractive and professional-looking profile that can lead to great conversations from the best-interested parties!
  • You’ll have relationship coaching that guilds you through real dates and building your relationship
  • You’ll work with your Florida Matchmaker expert to analyze each date and receive his/her feedback
  • We won’t leave you on your own. We’ll be with you until your process finishes successfully and with our help!
  • Every word and every piece of information you share with us will be forever confidential.


Why’s our matchmaking service the most beneficial and even life-changing way to find a life partner?

 ✓ We are committed to enabling you to become a more informed dater and ensure that your first date will grow into future relationships which will turn into healthy lasting commitments.

 ✓ We provide you with valuable feedback from a psychologist as well as a elite matchmaker, who will help address any lingering issues or regrets that could otherwise prove to undermine potential success.

 ✓ Additionally, our matchmaking experts help you to quickly get matched with people whom we feel will truly be compatible in terms of both personality and background.

 ✓ Be pleasantly surprised if you find yourself changing the ways in which you view the world of professional dating!

Your imagination will not be limited by standard approaches here. With the help of one of our personal matchmaker you’ll face a fun and entertaining approach that puts the emphasis on professional development. And for once it will actually mean something. Let us help make your dreams come true starting from your very first date!


Our unique individual approach is for you if:

  • You’ve tried different dating apps in Florida but are still single
  • Online dating simply doesn’t work as expected
  • You feel failed with Florida dating sites
  • You couldn’t get proper relationship coaching
  • You are not sure how to build a healthy romantic relationship
  • Fear of rejection prevents you from starting a new relationship
  • Your previous experiences have been bad
  • You struggle with building a long-term relationship
  • You are one of those busy professional singles person and have no time to go through the trouble of finding a proper date
  • You feel disappointed with people
  • You are tired of unprofessional matchmaker services that only waste your time and energy
  • You want to find a long-lasting and healthy relationship with a good partner

Are you the one of those professional singles and living in Florida, don’t give up hope! It's time for a change.

Hello, I’m Kate, CEO of 1 Matching com. We’re not just a dating site, we are an expert team of matchmakers that will help you find your perfect relationship. 

We guarantee to have our professional Florida-based elite matchmaker spend time getting to know about what is important for both parties before connecting them on 1Matching’s secure platform where they can explore opening up conversations with one another without any risk or shame of being judged by others. We will guide you through the whole process step-by-step throughout each stage from beginning to end (and beyond).

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