Freaky couple goals: the Pros and Cons – Useful TIPS on a delicate topic

freaky couple goals 1matching➢ Have you ever suspected that you or your partner set up freaky couple goals?
➢ Or may be you observe such strange couples around….
➢ May be it scares you off and even prevents you to start a relationship?
➢ There are many people who have became a victim of an abusive partner who were setting up freaky relationship goals. Now such people  afraid of any kind on new relations but that’s where 1matchingcom is going to help:  

We have already spoken about freaky relationship goals before and now, we will reveal all the secrets about whether there is anything wrong with being a freaky couple and what to do if you are the one.

Keep reading until the very end and find out the following valuable information:


Freaky couple goals and their signs

freaky couple goals 1matchingBeing a freaky couple is not a big deal in the modern world. You might have heard that you have been setting up freaky couple goals in your relationship before and who knows, this could be true. However, it is first necessary to distinguish who a freaky couple is and why their goals are not normal at all. Who knows, you may have some more ideas to integrate into your relationship now.

So…. Everyone knows what being freaky means. However, what it means when it comes to a romantic couple? Many people believe that being freaky is associated with being dirty and naughty with your partner. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it unless you both enjoy it. Problems arise when two partners strive to reach different goals. In this case, you have a huge miss-balance and none of you is happy.

If you want to stop suffering from your relationship and start enjoying it, check the signs of freaky couple goals, how they are different from normal couples, and how to protect yourself from forming such a freaky couple.

A couple with freaky goals

A couple with healthy goals 

Ø  Is pursuing sex

Ø  Sex is just a great bonus to their everyday relationship

Ø  The desire to get married the soonest or luck of such desire at all. Devaluation of relations

Ø  Marriage is the result of hard work and understanding that these people are ready for it

Ø  One of the partners wants to have kids in the hope to keep another partner next to him

Ø  People think of children when they both are ready for it and can bear responsibility at least for their own lives and for one another

As you can see, you do not have to be too kinky to set up freaky couple goals. You can easily turn into a freaky couple when your relationship stops being healthy and starts pursuing quite weird goals. In such a relationship, both partners suffer and it is no longer healthy.

How to protect yourself from freaky couple goals

freaky couple goals 1matchingThe first and foremost thing is to understand how to detect that you or your partner is setting up such goals. If you are careful and thoughtful enough, you can easily do it on the first three dates. Yes, there is no need to start a relationship and create a freaky couple if there are red flags. Here is how you can detect those red flags:

  • Ask your potential partner questions about his/her goals in a relationship. There is nothing wrong with pursuing only sex if you both do that. However, if you are pursuing a normal full-fledged relationship while your partner wants sex, this relationship will make you miserable. It can be found out before starting intimate connections and it will prevent you from emotional losses.


  • Understand what your date thinks of marriage. Everyone wants to get married and this is the best outcome of any relationship. This should not be a “sick idea” though. Some people hurry to marry and they are ready to do that to any person showing up in their lives. This is very wrong because marriage with someone you do not really know well will not last long and will not make anyone happy. Therefore, listen attentively to what your date is saying about marriage. You should be really concerned when hearing “I must get married in 6 months” or “I have to get married until 30”. These are real red flags that this person is pursuing some freaky couple goals and has some psychological issues that must be solved first.

freaky couple goals 1matching

  • Find out whether your goals concerning children coincide. Having children is the utmost responsibility. When people want to have kids, it is great; however, it should not be the “I want it right now” wish. Ladies often get pregnant and men often make them pregnant on purpose trying to heal their relationship issues this way. Please try to understand that children will not solve your problems and will not make you closer to each other. On the contrary, when a freaky couple brings a child without solving their issues, there is one more miserable person in this world. If your date says “I need to have children the soonest”, run away! At least, stop having an intimate relationship with this person and find out what is going on until you both are in big trouble.

Freaky relationship goals and their signs

freaky couple goals 1matching

We have already covered the roles and needs of men and women in a relationship and devoted some time to freaky relationship goals and why it is crucial to avoid them. Right now, we would love to highlight the importance of distinguishing healthy relationship goals from freaky ones and understand how you should avoid those freaky goals. Reading different freaky couple quotes won’t help you do that, unfortunately, since the problem is much deeper than that.

Freaky relationship goals

Healthy relationship goals

You/your partner expect benefits for sex (a woman can sleep with a man with the aim of receiving certain gifts and other benefits)


You both want to meet each other’s needs


Your partner owes you and takes everything for granted


You are ready to be grateful for everything your partner is doing for you and do not forget to say that on time


Your partner expect sex whenever he/she wants it


You take into account your partner’s needs


You expect a financial source from your man only/you expect only household services from your woman

You are ready to be thankful to your man for his efforts to protect you financially, physically, and emotionally/you are ready to invest in your woman and bear full responsibility for her, as well as be thankful for her to cook, clean, and wash for you

These are the most common freaky relationship goals and our certified relationship experts and psychologists are sure that these goals can be also called “selfish” goals. Why selfish? Because all of them are based on your ego and selfish feelings and needs.

How to protect yourself from freaky relationship goals

freaky couple goals 1matching

No matter whether you or your date/partner has freaky relationship goals, they are destructive for your relationship. You should avoid them by all means. No worries, our experts have worked hard and will let you know how exactly.

  • If you want to only have benefits from your partner (or your partner is expecting that), it is crucial to stop this relationship for a while and look at them from a different perspective. A relationship where both people only benefit from one another is utopic. They have no future. Once one of you has any kinds of issues — financial, health, etc., another one is no longer interested. Therefore, if you cannot change your attitude or if your partner cannot change this attitude, it is better to end this connection until you both are ready to give something not to benefit but because you want to be responsible for your relationship.

freaky couple goals 1matching

  • If you see no gratitude from your partner or vice versa, it is necessary to stop doing what you do for him or her. Unfortunately, people get used to good things very quickly. When you put in much effort and do many things for your partner and see no gratitude, the only way is to stop doing it. Believe us, your partner will notice the absence of different accommodations very soon. Thus, if you normally cook and clean and never hear “thank you”, just stop doing it and “surprise” your partner. If your woman does not appreciate that you make her gifts, bring flowers, pay for her courses, etc., just don’t do it and make her appreciate those small things. Both of you should play their roles in a relationship and your needs must be also met. Otherwise, you both will suffer in your freaky couple.

freaky couple goals 1matching

  • Sexual safety is one of the guarantees in any healthy relationship. It means that you should be able to reject having intimate intercourse if you do not have a wish to do that. If one of the couple does not want while another one insists and even manipulates (for example, if you do not have sex with me now, I will cheat on you), this is called sexual abuse, and the person is not protected in her/his own relationship. Both people must be free to have sex whenever they want it and not only when their partners force them to do. If you are constantly pressured by your partner, you should have a serious talk and discuss your discomfort. If your partner keeps manipulating, your needs are not satisfied and you suffer. Then think well whether you need such a relationship at all.

Are you tired of being pursued by abusive partners? Seems like it’s high time to change it. 1matching knows well how to help people in not just selecting the right match but in building up healthy and strong relations. Press the button below to get consulted by professional.

Freaky pictures.  What should you be aware of? 

freaky couple goals 1matching

Is it  normal or wrong viewing freaky pictures or porn videos from time to time? Both: men and women have their sexual desires and discreet fantasies and sometimes have desire of watching such movies to spice up your sexual life, especially if you are single. However, you should be careful of those freaky pictures relationship, and here is why.

The truth is porn and freaky pictures, especially watching those “fantastic” videos and unreal sex interactions affects your erectile dysfunction. Janet Brito, Ph.D., LCSW, CST says that porn induces erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction (ED) means that a man cannot achieve an erection or sustain one long enough during sexual activity. This dysfunction can be really stressful for men and can literally ruin their sex life and, thus, their relationship.

Are you ready to sacrifice your good and healthy relationship for the sake of some freaky pictures and videos? A freaky pictures relationship is not real and yes, do not forget about montage. Everything you see on different porn sites is not a reality but rather a fantasy and a fairy tale. In reality, sex does not look this way and intimate life is very far from what you see on the screen.

freaky couple goals 1matching

People may confuse those pictures and videos with reality and really struggle because they cannot meet those “standards”. There is nothing to struggle with because everything you see there is abnormal. So, if you do not want to lose the taste of a great sex life with your partner, be careful when watching freaky pictures.

Freaky sex goals. How to understand that you and your partner pursue same goals?

freaky couple goals 1matching

If you have freaky sex goals, there is nothing to be afraid of, in general, unless it suits your partner. Psychologists say that all people are kinky to a certain extent and of course, among 7 billion people on Earth, you will definitely meet someone who shares your sex goals, no matter how freaky they are.

The only condition here to remember is not to forget about your partner. Someone loves oral sex while others cannot stand it. You may prefer role plays while other people will think you are too kinky, etc. Whatever you prefer in sex, is ok unless it does not bother your partners.

Setting freaky sex goals is not that freaky if you do one thing — discuss it with your partner. You have a tongue and brain to talk and lead a conversation with your woman/man. You even have a chance to discuss such things before jumping into a relationship and starting to sleep with one another. Who doesn’t let you do that before you literally shock one another?

freaky couple goals 1matching

If your freaky sex goals suit you both, then you can live and enjoy your wonderful sex together. If they do not fit at least one of you though, it is better not to start/continue such a relationship because you both will suffer in it and this is not the goal of a relationship. Of course, if suffering is not one of your freaky couple goals and meets the needs of you both.

The bottom line :

freaky couple goals 1matching

Building a healthy relationship is as difficult as being a good parent or a good professional. It requires hard work on both sides. In the modern world, freaky couple goals are not rare anymore and you can meet people setting up such purposes more and more often.

Of course, if you both are ok with those goals and both pursue the same things in a relationship, you may not do anything. Unfortunately, the practice says that once such freaky relationship goals take place, the relationship is sentenced to death. If you still want to save it, it is necessary to start working on it promptly. If necessary, you may even need to involve a professional in your relationship who will help you understand whether your goals are appropriate and whether you need to focus on totally different goals.

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