What Is Hinge ‘Most Compatible’ & How Does It Work?

Hinge is a dating application is powered by an algorithm that works to find matches as per your preferences.

But before you can lean on this feature to help you find your soulmate, let’s dig deep and uncover whether the ‘compatible feature’ on Hinge is even worth the attention.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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What is The ‘Most Compatible’ Feature on Hinge? 

While finding the ‘perfect match’ in online dating might seem like a stroke of luck, Hinge tries to eliminate the element of chance through structured features that are operated by an algorithm.

Most of the users on Hinge receive a compatible match almost every day. You’ll be able to find your compatible feature at the top of your ‘Discover’ window, each time you log in. 

It usually appears on a daily basis but if you’re not a frequent user, you will notice that it’s  frequency may vary. 

The algorithm will find and present a ‘compatible person’ for you:

➢Based on your profile 


➢Your activity on the platform. 

This is done through the Gale-Shapley algorithm that matches your likes and preferences with that of another user. 

➢While finding your match, Hinge accounts for everything about you and potential matches, including your religious and political views, whether you want kids and other lifestyle preferences. 


➢Since it accounts for mutual likes and preferences, it is expected that you will jump into a conversation with your compatible match.

Here’s what Jean-Marie McGrath, the Director of Communications at Hinge has to say about this feature: 

‘Through a combination of machine learning and the Nobel-prize-winning Gale-Shapley algorithm, ‘Most Compatible’ pairs members with the person they’re most likely to have a great first date with.’

Another interesting fact about this feature’s algorithm is that it was developed to solve the ‘stable marriage’ problem in the 1960s. It has been around since then!

So now that you understand what the feature is, let’s answer the elephant in the room.

⬇  How does this feature work? ⬇ 

How Does the ‘Most Compatible’ Match Feature Work?

Understanding how this feature works is the first step in helping you gauge if it is useful for you.

But before you get too excited about this feature, you should know that it’s not always right. This means that the suggestions it presents might not always be accurate based on your likes and preferences.


To hunt for compatible pairs, this dating platform uses machine learning to analyse the following:


  • The information you have added to your profile: This also includes the answers you provide to Hinge prompts. Hence, it is always suggested that you pay special attention to your dating profile and prompt answers on Hinge.
  • Your activity on the platform: This mainly includes who you choose to ‘like’ and message and also who you ‘pass on’. This is used as an indicator of your likes and dislikes.
  • The activity of other users on your profile: Machine learning also analyses the type of people who like and comment on your profile.


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Here’s a snippet of what Forbes said about Hinge’s most compatible feature: 

Hinge first takes into account the likes you and the general community have sent and received in the past 24 hours from any given point. The algorithm then analyzes members’ in-app behavior to determine matches.

 ⬇ We’ve also listed some tips for using this feature below ⬇ 

Tips for Using Hinge’s Most Compatible Match Feature

Let us just start with this – don’t rely solely on this feature to find and rely on your perfect match! 

You should still need to do research before you decide on whom to go on a date with..

Check out their profile

Read reviews

See photos and learn about them

Make sure to ask questions during the course of your conversation.

You also need to make sure the information on your profile reflects your actual likes and dislikes since the algorithm will be analyzing it.

Avoid liking or engaging with profiles without any reason, as they will be added to your activity and used as a metric to find a compatible match. 

Lastly, always keep a backup plan. No matter how much you trust the algorithms, sometimes you may end up disappointed by the results. That’s why it’s crucial that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket and also pursue other platforms in online dating. 

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Wrapping it Up

Using Hinge or any other dating app means that you need to do your homework before you get started. 

While the ‘most compatible’ feature might seem pretty cool, you can’t rely on it solely to find the match of your dreams. Nonetheless, it is certainly worth a shot! 

Make an attractive profile;
Answer Hinge prompts wisely;
Be active on the platform. 

This should help you in finding a compatible match!

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