How To Make Video Chat Your First “Date”?

If there is one thing that COVID-19 taught us, it is that digital technology has the power to keep us all connected without physical meetups. This very concept has successfully been used by people over the globe in their love lives too.


➢ But if you are wondering how you can leverage video chats for your dating life, then you are in the right place. 

➢ This post is going to cover some of the best and most effective ways you can use video chats for dates!


Are you ready? Let’s get right to it!


Why Should You Opt For Video Chats For First Dates?


What started as a COVID-19 fad has actually become the new normal – using video calls for dates! During the coronavirus pandemic, people leaned heavily on the power of video calls to stay connected to their loved lives. 


Very quickly, the fire of this trend also spread to the world of online dating. 


Fast forward to today and video dates are a real thing! In fact, introverts or shy people love using video dates to find potential matches. 


This saves them from the anxiety of face-to-face conversations!

How this helps you? So if you’re the kind of person who is not very sociable, video calls are just the right way to kick things off with a potential match!  


Video dating is actually a convenient way to communicate and get to know someone without having to spend hours at a bar or going out. This is especially true for people who have found potential matches on online dating apps. 

More benefits for you: If you have a cramped schedule but still want to shoot your shot with a match, just schedule a video call.    


Video dating someone you have met online saves you the hassle of going on a physical date that requires more time (think about the commute!) and money.

How this helps you? If you’ve found a match who lives far away and if you’re sitting on the fence about whether he/she is worth the journey, test the waters first with a quick video chat.   



There are plenty of more reasons to start talking with people you have met online through video calls. 

For instance, you can build trust and confidence before meeting face to face. And since you don’t need to worry about being judged, you can talk freely and laugh at the same time.

Moreover, you can easily use it to connect with someone who shares your likes and dislikes, hobbies, and passions irrespective of their geographical location. 

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Looks like the list of reasons for video calls for dates is a long one, right? But let us just condense this list into three main points. These points will help you realize why you need a video call as a first date, with a potential match that you met online!

  • Video calling is an easy and quick way to get to know someone. 
  • It’s a great way to see the physical appearance of someone you have met online. 
  • It sets the tone for a real-life conversation and date. You’ll find that you are more relaxed after having already spoken to your match on a video call. 


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How To Make Video Chat Your First Date? 


Okay, it’s time to roll up your sleeves because you are heading into the ‘strategy’ part of this post. Now that you understand how vital video can be in the world of dating, what should you do? 


You should try and leverage it as your first date.


Here is a step-by-step process to transition from the world of messaging on a dating app to virtual dating via videos: 

  • After having meaningful conversations on messages, you should ask your potential match for his/her phone number. However, while doing so, also try to gauge their sense of comfort with sharing personal contact details. You don’t want to back him/her in a corner!

  • Once you jump on an audio call, you should ask them about their willingness for a video chat. List down your reasons for wanting it too. You basically need to let your match know that the relationship is progressing. 

  • Prepare for your virtual dates as you would for real-person dates. Make a complete video date plan including the day, time, and app that you are going to use. Some dating apps have a video call feature but most of them do not. 


There you have it. 

You have successfully moved from messages to an actual date over video! So how can you ace your virtual date? What are the rules for this game? Dive into the section below.

Tips to Ace The Virtual Dating Game | How to Turn A Potential Match Into a Real One


1. Be genuine – If you are trying to make a good impression on your date, then you must be sincere when communicating. At this point, you should know how you want things to proceed and what you are looking for, in a relationship. Think about your relationship goals and make sure you convey your message clearly. 

2. Keep it short and sweet – When it comes to telling your story, keep it brief. Virtual dating is tricky, it is not as engaging as a face-to-face meeting. This is why it is suggested you try to limit your ‘story’ to less than 30 seconds during which you should tell your date everything about you.
3. Show off your personality – Remember that the key here is to show off your personality. Even though it is a virtual date, it is your first date. You need to impress your match! Share fun hobbies and add a great sense of humor to your responses. Everyone loves a good laugh!
4. Share some personal stories – In order to build trust between you and your date, you need to share personal stories. This could be about your past dating history, family life, or even your journey. You can also tell them about any failed attempts or previous bad experiences in your love life. This will give them a deeper insight into your character.
5. Have fun – While talking to your date, be open to new ideas and suggestions. Also, enjoy the conversation. If there is anything that you like, then feel free to share it with your partner.
6. Be prepared – Always be ready for your virtual date. You should have your gadgets ready with a stable internet connection. Think about your background for the video call as well.
7. Don’t pressure anyone – As mentioned earlier, do not go overboard by asking for a second date. Instead, take things slow. Let them come to you. If you get a positive response, then proceed with the next steps.

Now it’s time for you to go and try our tips and turn your potential match into a real one!

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