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If you are a busy carrier oriented person who have achieved every goal you’ve set your mind, but still unable to forge a successful romantic relationship— then you’ve come to the right place. 

You don’t have to continue to play the same game of being single and unhappy with your desperate attempts for finding your true love.

Here your searching might become over…

Our professional matchmakers will be with you from finding your desired partner to building a healthy relationship that lasts forever. 

Why choose 1 Matching’s Houston Matchmaker Services over other ways to connect with people?

  • The Professional matchmakers of our company are passionate about finding your significant other. They understand how it can be very difficult to focus on just one person when you’re surrounded by so many others that may or may not be compatible with you in one way or another. Our team only works with licensed psychologists who help us assess any of your emotional constraints that might otherwise be holding you back from building the healthy relationship for the long haul.
  • You will be protected with same confidentiality agreement that all clients, experts and professionals have to follow.
  • Finding a dating partner among Houston singles should be a fun prospect, something you look forward to rather than stress out over. So we set steps that you have to take and forms to fill out. We believe dating isn’t something you should jump through hoops just to get someone’s attention and make things work out!
  • We offer a unique, diligent approach to every client that turns a tedious process into something you can lay your hands on and enjoy as if it was one of your favorite records.
  • Our high end matchmaking services  offer unlimited support; we’re committed to you being truly happy.

What makes our customers see us as a whole new breed of professional matchmakers?

  • We believe each client is unique, by their own pasts, experiences, needs and ideals, so we offer one-on-one approach to every client.

    At the start you’ll have an interview with one of our psychology professionals which analyzes your past relations, why they didn’t work out, what fears you have in relationships, and what mistakes you do every time that prevents you from building a long lasting relationship. They help you to figure out who is your ideal partner and who you really need. 
  • You’ll be paired with one of our professional matchmakers who will assist you not only in building your ideal profile! But also direct you toward the right places in which to meet your perfect partner among Houston singles ! We will help bring you only those who are the best fit for your personality and lifestyle. 
  • After being mentored by  your dating coach, you will take part in real dates and receive honest feedback that will help you make the next date even better!
  • Each of our matchmakers has a specialty where they will focus on the one thing that makes all the difference when it comes to online dating and date coaching: making sure you meet your perfect pairing.

If you’re ready to stop just dreaming about and start living with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then contact us today. You deserve it!

Ask Yourself these questions and you’ll know if you should register:

  • Have bad experiences with online dating sites left you frustrated? Unsuccessfully tried houston matchmaking using different companies?
  • Are you worried that you’re not equipped enough to handle the ups and downs of a new relationship? 
  • Are you one of those busy professionals whose career obligations and ambitions make it hard to balance doing “work” and going out with friends?
  • Are you looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right no matter where in the world they might live, but up until now haven’t had much luck?
  • Do you constantly have to wonder why things didn’t work out in your past relationships?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any one of the following questions, you are ready for a more sophisticated approach to high end matchmaking services, finding your ideal match and building a successful relationship that stands the rest of time.

What is the difference between Houston speed dating and 1 Matching Houston matchmaker?

Houston speed dating service:

  • When you have less than 3 minutes with your partner, you could end up missing out on a lot of personal details.
  • The success rates for finding your ideal partner tends to be quite dismal.
  • While you’ll probably meet a lot of great people, you won’t be able to make sure their profiles match your preferences
  • Without a Support service, after a match, they will leave you to deal with things on your own. 
  • Good matches are often left in the hands of fate and slight whims. It could depend on the good or bad mood of your partner when talking with you, or making small mistakes in your conversations with one another.

Houston dating sites:

  • Profiles are not verified because of no screening process so it’s full of scammers, trolls and hook-up artists these days. 
  • No date coaching is being provided/ definitely not suitable for busy professionals
  • Nobody tells you how you can create the best dating profile. So you’ll be invisible to suitable matches.
  • Since all decisions are based on profile pictures and a few description words instead of data, your success becomes a numbers game.
  • You never receive constructive feedback from your dates or learn how to make sense of it so that you can actually learn and develop as a person.
  • Feeling that “all is lost” after a handful of dates will make you so dread going on the next one instead of being enthusiastic.

Hi Houston singles! I’m Kate. CEO of 1 Matching Houston Matchmaking

Most specifically singles could actually benefit from professional recommender systems that help them find a suitable match in their area.

So when it’s time to look for love, or even if you’ve had trouble finding the right partner at one point in your life, Houston Matchmakers of 1 Matching’s Team would be a great place to start looking! Because everyone needs a little help sometimes and we’ll be there though every step along the way.

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