Hinge Preferred Review: Is The Premium Upgrade Worth It?

Hinge’s mission is to help singles find long-term, committed partners. 

However, finding potential matches even on Hinge is no easy task. The competition is tough and it can be an uphill battle to make your dating profile stand out.

But there’s a new Hinge feature on the curb that might just help in easing your difficulty; Hinge’s premium upgrade.

 But before you can purchase, let’s answer the million-dollar question:

Is the premium upgrade worth it? 


What is Hinge Preferred? 

In addition to the original dating app, Hinge also offers a premium membership with additional features called ‘Hinge Preferred’. 

But here’s the real question, what is the premium version like? 

➢ To put it simply, the premium subscription of Hinge gives you unlimited likes, the option to unlock additional filters, and a lot more. 

➢ Premium users of Hinge have access to many additional filters that help them narrow down the person of their dreams! 

➢ These advanced filters include important details about life, values, and preferences. 

➢ Hinge’s upgraded features make finding quality matches easier and less time-consuming. 

So if you really cannot wait to find someone to share a cup of coffee and your life with, it’s probably time to invest in Hinge’s premium services!

The Features and Benefits of Hinge Preferred

Before you can take the plunge and invest in the preferred dating app option, take a minute to really understand and grasp the many features of Hinge Preferred:

➢ Using the premium feature, you get access to an unlimited number of profiles in the area and can like or reject them, based on your preferences 

➢ You can add videos in addition to your profile photo and other pictures, to make your profile stand out from the competition 

➢ You’ll have access to advanced filters to narrow down matches, as per your life values for example whether or not they want to have children, smoking/drinking, drug use, etc. 

➢ You’ll receive standouts on a daily basis 

➢ You can collect and access all the profiles that you have liked in a single place 

If these features sound like something you’d like to access, then maybe Hinge Preferred is what you need! 

But if you ask us, there are two main features of this premium option that make it really different; 

The advanced filters and unlimited likes

So without further ado, let’s jump straight into how both these features can help you find a real match. 

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1. Advanced Filters

The basic functionality of Hinge is to help you find a long-term partner. And that can only happen if you two connect on a deeper level and share similar life values!

If you ask the vast majority of people who have invested in the premium services, they’ll tell you:  it’s because of the advanced and enhanced filters. 

It’s through these filters that you can really narrow down profiles based on things that will matter in the long run. 

These things include information about ⬇


core values,

family plans,



However, using too many of these filters can leave you with very less options. So it’s best to experiment a little first, test the waters, and then add more filters to the mix. 

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2. Unlimited Likes

Okay, so I know what you are thinking. Unlimited likes…what’s even the use? 

In Hinge, there is a limit to the number of likes you can give out. But with this upgrade, you’re not bound. In fact, you can like as many profiles as you think you can connect with. 

The ‘Your Turn’ feature also reminds the other user to share their own conversation starter, to keep the chat going. 

This can actually be a useful tactic to focus on specific potential matches. 

Okay, so Hinge Preferred sounds promising. The premium features are useful and can really shorten the cycle of finding a real match. 

And now for the million dollar question, how much does the premium upgrade cost?

This is going to help us answer our main question!

How Much Does the Premium Upgrade Cost?

To benefit from the premium features, Hinge offers various plans. The cost of the plan actually varies with the duration that you pick. 


The one-month premium package costs $29.99

The three-month package is $19.99/month

The six-month plan is for $14.99/month


The payment for the packages is done at the start and each package renews automatically unless you unsubscribe. 

Is the Premium Upgrade Worth it?

If you are new to the game and willing to wait, then it’s recommended that you stick to the free version and get a grip on that first. 

Once you have really gotten the hang of Hinge and still haven’t found a match, it’s recommended that you move on to the premium version. 

Hinge Preferred is also usually recommended for people who get a lot of likes on their profiles. Getting Preferred can help them view the profiles of people directly. 

This greatly speeds up the process of getting matched and starting a conversation.

However, Hinge Preferred is not recommended for singles who are looking for hookups. 

So at the end of the day, whatever package you choose, depends on your individual dating needs and requirements.

Wrapping it Up

Finding love online is no easy task. In fact, it can be quite difficult to find matches for yourself on online dating apps like Hinge. With so many profiles to choose from, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of what you really want. 

This is exactly why Hinge has launched a premium version, with additional features to help users find matches more quickly. Whether or not this upgrade is worth the money boils down to your dating needs and requirements. 

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