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If you live in Chicago and are still single, don’t despair! Yes, we know that you have already tried all the best dating apps in Chicago. You could even try Chicago dating sites but failed. You could even apply to a professional matchmaker in Chicago and still had no success.

You are not the first and the last one who struggles with dating in Chicago. Unfortunately, if you were thinking “I want to find a match maker near me” and were choosing the very first service, you could hardly succeed.

Chicago dating is possible only when you are a self-sufficient and self-aware person who knows how to build a relationship, how to understand the needs of your partner, and how to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. No professional dating service can teach you to do that, unfortunately.

Only unique matchmaker service/approach can really show you why your previous relationship never worked out and what you can do to build a healthy relationship. Moreover, we will select the matches you need. Unlike many other matchmakers, our Matchmaker Chicago website will select not the matches that you have been creating in your mind forever but the ones that really match you in all aspects.

Our secret is in our team and a unique process you will never meet on any other Chicago dating sites and services. 

We do not simply select matches but help you understand why you have failed previously and make you spend more money on your dates like other matchmakers. We assist you in building a relationship first. Our psychologists help you overcome your previous losses and traumas and cope with them in order to build a much healthier and stronger relationship that will last forever.

Finding a match is not that difficult when you work with professionals who know what to do but what will be after you found that match? That’s where we ALSO help…

We have gathered a team consisting of:

  • Certified matchmakers of Chicago
  • Professional dating coaches
  • Certified relationship psychologists who help you to overcome your barriers and even heal the pain of past trauma which have always prevented you to start healthy relationship
  • Real experts who will guide you through the overall process of match selection

Why do you need a matchmaker service?

Have you ever tried speed dating Chicago? Or maybe you have already used Chicago dating sites? Let us see how our Matchmaker Chicago assistance is different from those services and why exactly we will make it work for you!

Speed dating Chicago

  • You have just 180 seconds to get to know your potential match
  • You meet hundreds of matches in one evening
  • Your chances are very low
  • Your success depends on the mood of a particular matc/your own mistakes, etc.
  • You are not guided by anyone and keep making the same mistakes over and over again

Chicago dating sites

  • No one verifies candidates/they are full of scammers and players
  • You get no assistance in creating a dating profile
  • You meet only people based on their photos and your personal preferences/those who replied positively to your inquiry
  • There is no professional support/feedback on your dates
  • The success rate is very low

Our matchmaker service

  • The initial interview that lets us verify whether you qualify for using a Matchmaker Chicago service
  • Professional sessions with a psychologist who figures out why your relationship never worked out, what your mistakes and fears are, what partner you really need, what you need to improve to build a successful healthy relationship
  • A professional certified matchmaker creates your appealing dating profile and introduces you to real potential matches instead of random candidates
  • You go on real dates after being guided by our dating coach
  • You work with your Matchmaker Chicago experts and analyze each date and receive his/her feedback
  • We stay with you until your process finishes successfully

Our individual approach is for you if:

  • You tried the best dating apps in Chicago but are still single
  • You failed on Chicago dating sites
  • You do not know how to build a healthy relationship
  • You are afraid of rejection
  • You have a bad personal experience
  • You struggle with building a long-term relationship
  • You are a busy professional and simply have no time for Chicago dating
  • You are disappointed in men/women
  • You are tired of unprofessional matchmaker services
  • You strive to find a serious and long-lasting relationship with a good partner

Why is it important to use the help of a matchmaker in Chicago?

Everyone wants to find a good and serious relationship. Human nature is not intended to play games. Unfortunately, finding a balance between your work, pressure, social life, and, actually, family and relationships, is very difficult nowadays.

We do not allow anyone to rush having dates right after the registration. Before we start matching you with someone really worthy, we want to find out why exactly you could not create a couple with anyone successfully, what the reasons for your divorce or breakups are, why your previous partners broke up with you or why you broke up with them, etc.

Our certified psychologists want to find out the best strategy for your Chicago dating and matchmaking process. We want to fully prepare you for your new dates. We open the door to a totally different world of dating in Chicago. You stop struggling with your dating and become a new person who knows what he/she wants and what you need.

Do not be surprised if you drastically change the image of how to build a relationship or who you see next to you. You won’t face a boring and standard approach of a professional dating service here. Our matchmaker services will turn your personal life upside down. And believe us, you will be happy about that!

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Looking for Matchmaker in Chicago?

Hello, I’m Kate, CEO of  where we’ve put together a team of experts in relationship psychology and counseling to help curb this distress.

Our  Professional Matchmakers operate in every State and your Matchmaker in Chicago  will be searching out the most suitable matches for you, understanding their interest and putting yours in alignment with theirs, and arranging dates on your behalf, while at the same time, trying to help you walk through the whole process.

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