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Are you a busy, single professional looking for a meaningful relationship in the Dallas area?

✔ Look no further than Dallas matchmaking services by 1Matching. Our team of matchmakers have years of experience in helping successful singles find their perfect match quickly, and without the “hit or miss” tactics that lead to heartbreak, defeat or wasting time.

✔ We offer a completely personalized matchmaking service to all our clients, providing them with the best possible chance of finding their perfect partner. Our team works diligently to find your ideal match based on compatibility factors such as interests, values, personality traits and lifestyle preferences.

✔ Through a combination of technology, experience, and personal insight, we will assist you in meeting the person of your dreams.

✔ We offer a variety of services including one-on-one consultations, where you can discuss your goals and desires. During these consultations, our matchmakers will learn about your values, interests, and lifestyle in order to help us find the perfect match for you.

✔ Our Dallas matchmakers also takes the time to understand what you are looking for in a partner, as well as any deal breakers that you may have. Additionally, we have a comprehensive database of eligible singles from around the world for you to choose from, so you are sure to find that special someone that meets all your criteria.

⬇ What our clients say⬇ 

Anabelle, 2023
Great experience with 1 Matching. If you appreciate not having to do any back and forth and just get a great selection of matches.
Avi, 2023
They definitely know how to attract the right kind of match and work super hard to make sure you aren’t wasting your time.



Here’s what you’ll get when you choose 1Matching Dallas Matchmaking Services ⬇ 

  • A qualified analysis of what was wrong with your previous attempts at making a strong relationship, including psychological consultations to improve your inner state if limiting beliefs are a barrier to creating healthy, long-term relationships.
  • A thorough analysis of your previous dates and life situations to highlight strengths and weaknesses to prevent mistakes in the future. We’ll create a well thought-out analytical approach to helping you reach your real-world goals and understand what you truly want from a partner.
  • Highly-tailored match selections from across the globe.
  • Guidance on matching, dating and next level arrangements with your most qualified candidates.
  • The long-term relationship of your dreams, with constant support throughout the process from your dating coach and matchmaking expert to make sure you keep the dream alive.

Why Choose A Matchmaker Vs. Other Dating Alternatives?

Personal matchmaking services offer an effective way to find a successful long-term relationship. They provide a more personal approach than other dating services, allowing singles to get to know each other better before committing to a relationship. 

Here are 10 reasons why personal matchmaking services are the best fit for singles looking for successful long-term relationships:

1 Professional matchmakers use their expertise and experience to help individuals find compatible partners based on their unique needs and preferences.

2 Matchmakers take the time to get to know each individual client, so they can create tailored matches that meet their specific criteria.

3 Matchmakers provide personalized advice and support throughout the entire process, from finding potential matches to building successful, long-term relationships.

4 Personal matchmaking services offer access to exclusive events where singles can meet potential partners in person in an intimate setting.

5 Matchmakers have access to larger networks of potential partners than what is available through online dating sites or apps, increasing the chances of finding a compatible partner quickly and easily.

6 Matchmakers use sophisticated algorithms and data analysis techniques to ensure that clients are matched with compatible partners who share similar values, interests, lifestyles, and goals.

7 Personal matchmaking services offer an opportunity for singles to receive feedback from experienced professionals about how they can improve their dating skills and increase their chances of success in future relationships.

8 Matchmakers provide valuable insights into different cultures and backgrounds which can help individuals build stronger connections with a more diverse group of potential partners.

9 Matchmakers often have access to exclusive resources such as private clubs or events which may not be available through online dating sites or apps, giving clients access to even more potential partners than ever before!

10 Finally, personal matchmaking services provide an extra layer of security by ensuring that all potential matches have been pre-screened by experienced professionals before being introduced – providing peace of mind that all matches are genuine!



All of the singles in our database have been carefully selected:


  1. Comprehensive screening process to find the best match for each individual


At 1Matching Dallas Matchmaking Services, we understand that finding the right match for each individual is a comprehensive process. We use a rigorous screening process which includes in-depth interviews and life coaching services, and make use of extensive research and analysis of local singles in the Dallas area to ensure that each of our clients find the perfect match, taking into account your preferences, interests, and lifestyle.

  1. Professional matchmaking service to help find your perfect match

1Matching provides a specialized professional matchmaking service for local singles in the Dallas area. Our experienced matchmakers will work with you to find someone who meets your criteria as a compatible, long-term partner. We provide a personal touch to our matchmaking services and offer life coaching services to ensure you find the right match. With our comprehensive background checks, we guarantee our clients will be matched with someone of integrity and trustworthiness. 

  1. Variety of services to cater to different needs

1Matching is committed to providing a variety of services to cater to the unique needs of its local singles. Our matchmaking services range from one-on-one consultations to group events, giving clients the flexibility to choose how they want to find love. We also offer life coaching services to help our clients set goals and create an action plan to achieve them. Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship or just want compatible people to talk to, Dallas Matchmaking Services can provide the ideal dating service for you.

  1. Guidance from experienced matchmakers

Finding a partner can be a complicated process, so many people turn to the assistance of experienced matchmakers to guide them through the process. At 1Matching, we provide our clients with the guidance and advice to help local singles in Dallas discover what they’re looking for in a relationship and how to best go about getting it. Our matchmakers also provide advice on the Dallas dating scene and how to approach it. With the help of our experienced matchmakers, you can make the most of your dating life and find the perfect match for you.

  1. Ongoing life coaching services to ensure long term success in relationships

At Dallas Matchmaking Services, we strive to offer our clients the best in local singles and matchmaking services. We understand that relationships can be complex and challenging, so we make sure that our clients are equipped with the tools necessary to navigate modern dating. Our life coaches provide personalized support and guidance, with tailored advice that meets each individual’s needs and give our clients the best possible chance of success in their relationships.

  1. Personalized matchmaking plans

1Matching offers personalized matchmaking plans to help local singles find the right match. Our matchmaking plans are tailored to your specific needs, utilizing life coaching services to ensure that you are presented with the most suitable matches. Our matchmaking experts are well-versed in the Dallas dating scene, and they know how to craft a plan that will help you find the most compatible partners locally.

  1. Confidentiality and safety measures

1Matching takes the privacy and safety of our clients very seriously. We understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to matchmaking and life coaching services, and we strive to provide a secure experience for all parties. We have implemented a number of measures to ensure the maximum level of security and confidentiality, including industry-standard encryption technology, regularly monitoring our databases, and storing all data securely. We also have a strict policy of never sharing any client information with third parties.

  1. A dedicated customer service team to assist with any questions or concerns

At 1Matching, we are proud to have a dedicated customer service team to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Our team is highly trained in the latest dating services, life coaching services, and matchmaking techniques, and can provide you with the best advice and guidance to ensure you meet the right local singles in Dallas. We are passionate about helping our clients find their perfect match and are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment for singles in Dallas. 

No matter what your dating goals are, our Dallas matchmaking services can provide you with everything you need to make it happen.

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Our Dallas, TX Matchmaking Services Are A Great Fit For You If:

·        You have had a poor experience with speed-dating, online apps or matchmaking services in the past.
·        You do not like the idea of merry-go-round dating.
·        You’re struggling to start a new meaningful relationship.
·        Your lifestyle does not allow you to find a partner easily.
·        Your previous attempts to build a relationship failed.
·        You want to find a reliable partner but you don’t know how.
·        Your disappointment in previous partners prevents you from exploring strong and long-lasting relationships.
·        You are looking for a partner who is compatible with your interests, values, goals, dreams and lifestyle.
·        You want to make sure that you have the best chance of finding the right person for you.
          You are looking for an exclusive matchmaker who can provide personalized service and guidance.

⬇ What our clients say⬇ 

Roger, 2023.
Had a great experience from start to finish. My matchmaker was incredible. She is am amazing listener and very genuinely interested in me finding my ultimate match.
Sam, 2023
The whole process is very professional and efficient even though it does take a bit of time to provide your matchmaker information on a continuous basis to ensure accuracy. They helped improve my profile, my pictures and my initial interactions with women. I was so impressed! 


What’s The Difference Between 1Matching and Other Dallas Matchmakers?

Your search for a fulfilling long-term relationship is over…

Have you tried a professional dating service looking to find a healthy, long-term relationship, only to find yourself in the same spot as when you started?

The dating world has changed and if you want an exclusive matchmaking service that combines science with your secret sauce to find your perfect future partner, 1Matching is the best place to turn “blind dates” into the long term relationship of your dreams.

With 1Matching’s professional psychologists, elite matchmakers and dating coaches by your side, you’ll not only find yourself ready for your forever relationship, you’ll receive a hand-delivered short list of perfect companions for you to choose from and all the guidance you need to close the deal with your chosen companion.

Your future partner is waiting.




Online dating is an increasingly popular way for singles to find love, romance, and a serious relationship. With the rise of dating apps, speed dating events, and local matchmaking services, the dating world has become more accessible than ever before. 


Whether you’re looking for a millionaire matchmaker or a local singles event in Dallas, TX, there’s something out there for everyone.

·        Speed dating events are perfect for busy professionals who don’t have time to waste on blind dates or long-term relationships. They provide an opportunity to meet multiple people in one night and get to know them better in a short amount of time.


·        Dating apps are also becoming increasingly popular among singles looking for love. From speed dating apps like Kitty Powers’ Speed Date to traditional online dating sites like Dating World, there are plenty of options available to help you find your future partner. Additionally, many cities now offer local singles events that provide an opportunity to meet other singles in your area who share similar interests and values as you do.


·        Matchmaking services can help you find your ideal partner based on your preferences and lifestyle. Elite matchmakers offer personalized advice and life coaching services to help you find the right person for you from anywhere in the world, and provide guidance throughout the process to ensure success.





1.    What are the benefits of using a matchmaking service?

Matchmaking services can help you find a compatible partner who shares similar interests and values, which can result in a successful long-term relationship. Additionally, matchmakers can provide personalized attention throughout the entire process and introduce you to potential matches that share your goals and expectations.

2.    How much does it cost to use a matchmaking service?

The cost of a matchmaking service varies depending on the type of service and how in-depth the consultation is. Generally speaking, most professional matchmakers charge an hourly rate plus additional fees for providing introductions or setting up dates.

3.    Are all matchmakers trustworthy?

While there are no guarantees when it comes to choosing a matchmaker, it’s important to do your research beforehand and look for ones with good reputations. Make sure to read reviews from clients and ask friends or family for recommendations before committing to any particular individual or agency.

4.    What should I expect during the initial consultation?

During an initial consultation, your matchmaker will typically gather information about you (age, religion, location etc.) as well as ask questions about what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Based on this information they will be able to determine if their services are right for you and explain their process in more detail if necessary.

5.    How long does it take until I get matched with someone suitable?

This depends on a number of factors such as how many potential matches the service has in its database and how quickly the process moves along from start to finish (i.e., background checks). Generally speaking, it could take anywhere from one month up to several months before being paired with someone that meets your compatibility criteria.

6.    Will I meet my matches face-to-face before going out on dates?

Yes–most services require at least one face-to-face meeting before beginning the dating process so that both parties can get a better sense of each other’s personalities and interests prior to meeting in person for dates/etc. Similarly, this gives clients an opportunity to ask questions directly related to their own needs/concerns as well as learn more about what goes into making meaningful relationships work long-term.

7.    Do I have control over who my matches are?

Yes–while your personal matchmaker will make suggestions based on what they deem appropriate given factors such as age range preferences, lifestyle, and goals, ultimately you still have full control over who your potential matches are and if/when the time is right to pursue things further.

8.    Are there any risks involved when using a matchmaking service?

It is always advisable to exercise caution when dealing with any sort of “online” interaction – however using reputable and established professionals minimizes these risks significantly! Always do research beforehand into various agencies/services and don’t forget to double check references from previous customers if available.

9.    Is my private information secure when working with a professional matchmaker?

Most reputable services take data privacy very seriously and employ strict security protocols to assure that all personal info remains safe and secure.

10 What happens if either party decides they’re not compatible after starting communication?

Sometimes clients may discover that chemistry just isn’t there after getting to know each other better via phone, text, or email. In situations like these, best practice usually involves expressing true feelings kindly and clearly without trying to hurt anyone’s feelings in order to terminate the relationship cleanly.


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