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If you are one of those successful career-oriented people who managed to reach all of their goals but keep failing in building a successful relationship, you’ve come to the right place.

 ✓Creating and  even more important, keeping a healthy relationship is not easy ✓

However, you can use our Los Angeles matchmaking services and facilitate the process of finding your ideal partner.

Why to choose a Matchmaker in Los Angeles?

 Our secret is that we do not simply select the matches for you but we interact with each customer as one team.

 ✓ Our team includes certified matchmakers, psychologists, and dating coaches, and they teach you how to build a relationship successfully instead of simply arranging tons of dates which are total waste of time ✓

Why are we so sure that it will work?

Have you ever thought that if you keep failing in your relationship, you must be doing something wrong? The reasons can be absolutely different:

You set up wrong relationship goals

You do not know who exactly you need and keep choosing the wrong people

Your personal settings originating from your childhood do not let you build a relationship

You do not understand what the opposite sex needs in a relationship

You cannot identify your own needs and goals in a relationship

You have no experience with men/women

You lack self-confidence

You are too self-confident to see that your partner needs something more, etc.


Much more than just selection of matches…


If you have ever tried dating in LA and even applied to a dating or matchmaking service, you know that they do not go further than selecting “matches” for you. What can be easier than just showing you appealing profiles of men/women who meet all of the criteria you requested?

Yes, we could do it too but we don’t. Instead, we offer something more — a unique and individual approach to each customer.

For that reason, our service does not simply offer a matchmaker in Los Angeles but a professional approach that consists of:

A thorough interview to identify whether you really need matchmaking program

A full course of psychological sessions with a certified psychologist

Assistance in creating a really appealing LA dating profile that will guarantee your popularity among potential matches

Arrangement of real dates

Feedback of a professional dating coach on each date

Interaction until the final positive result

Step 1. Interview

matchmaker in Los Angeles

Before you even think of using our matchmaking services in Los Angeles, we must make sure that you really need and want it. Our certified matchmakers should conduct a one-on-one interview to find out:



Your background

Your goals

Your past experience

Your wishes and expectations regarding your potential partner


Only if they are sure that your intentions are serious and you are really looking for a life partner and marriage, we can move on to Step 2.

Step 2. Certified relationship psychologist

matchmaker in Los Angeles

Before we move on to selecting real matches according to our Los Angeles matchmaking program, we provide a full course of sessions with a certified psychologist. It is necessary to:


Understand why your previous relationships failed

What are your fears in a relationship

Why you are looking for a certain type of person

Whether you are ready for a new relationship at the moment

What things we must work on and improve before you start dating in LA again


Step 3. Creating a LA dating profile


Before you start your process and path on our website, our matchmaker in Los Angeles will create your profile professionally based on the information and accurate facts provided by you. It is crucial because our Los Angeles matchmaking experts know what kind of profiles are popular among men/women. It will boost your chances 100%.


Step 4. Actual matchmaking services in Los Angeles

Now, you are fully ready for our Los Angeles matchmaking process. Based on the information received after completing three previous steps, our matchmakers will select the most suitable matches for you. No worries, it won’t take ages to start the LA dating process. You will have actual dates  the soonest.

matchmaker in Los Angeles

After each date, you will discuss it and receive feedback from our matchmaker in Los Angeles. Of course, you will be thoroughly prepared for each date by our dating coach. You will have accurate guidelines before having each next date taking into account all of the details and your experience on the previous dates!

Our goals are different

Unlike all the rest of the matchmaking services in Los Angeles, ours is not intended to arrange the dates for you with whomever the soonest. Our goal is to find the right match. The right means not the picture you have created in your mind and have been pursuing and failing for years. But the one that really matches your personality, experiences, goals, and expectations.

We want to help everyone cope with their personal problems that do not let create a really healthy and happy relationship. Stop making the same mistakes while dating in LA. Open yourself to the appropriate and real Los Angeles matchmaking that will change your personal life forever!

As it has been said before, 1 Matching’s Los Angeles matchmaker can find a match anywhere in the world. You will first discuss with your matchmaker the location where you would like to meet your potential partner. It can be a partner from LA or a neighboring state, or even from another country.

Want us to do your online dating for you?

Hey, I’m Kate, CEO & Founder at 1Matching.

Our Matchmaker in Los Angeles takes the guesswork and hassle out of your modern-day dating and focus more on the science of building a successful and healthy relationship.

Our hands-on service includes searching out the most suitable match in LA, igniting their interest, and arranging dates on your behalf, while at the same time, trying to help you walk through the process.

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