Matchmaker Michigan

If you’re one among those successful career oriented people whose achieved all their goals but keep failing in building a successful relationship, you have come to the right place.

Creating and maintaining a healthy relationship is not easy.

We can help you find someone special with the help of our matchmaker in Michigan 

What sets 1 Matching’s Matchmakers apart from other Michigan Matchmakers?

✓We don’t just match you with people; we talk to each customer individually.

✓Our service is absolutely confidential

✓ Our team includes certified psychologists who help clients overcome emotional barriers that hindered building relationships in the past

✓Our team includes certified matchmakers who specialize in helping people meet their romantic partners

✓ We teach you to build relationships successfully rather than simply arranging lots of dates which are totally wasted of time.

Finding a match is easy if you work with professionals who understand what to do but what happens after you find that match? 1 Matching also helps with that.

What will you be getting…?

An analysis of what was wrong in your previous attempts at making strong relationships.
Absolutely confidential approach 
Matches selection GLOBALLY
The help in finding and starting dating with the best matches.
A constant support from a dating coach and personal relationship expert on the whole way you deal with our Michigan matchmakers

Our Services of matchmaker in Michigan is for you in the following cases:

You’ve had a few bad experiences with various speed-dating or dating or even matchmakers.
You’re a serious person, so finding someone who is compatible with you is important.
You don’t know which way to go when starting a new relationship
You don’t have enough time to find a partner
You’ve tried building personal connections before, but they didn’t work out.
You’re disappointed by past relationships so you don’t want to get into another one.


You will first talk to your matchmaker about where you would like to meet someone. It could be someone from Michigan or from a nearby state or even from another country.

If you’re interested and want to improve the quality of your research and broaden your horizons, consider booking a consultation with us ⬇

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* We charge $55 for 30 minute consultation with one of our matchmaker. At the moment we only accept crypto currency, please use crypto wallet to commit the payment in ETH