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Career-oriented people often struggle when it comes to relationships. But you’re not alone!

We know the feeling of hitting your goals and then falling short in building a successful relationship, which is why  1 Matching is I’m here for all those who need some help finding love on their terms and finding themselves engaged eventually.

It’s not easy to create and what is even more important, maintain a healthy relationship. 

So you can use our Utah matchmaking services to make the process of finding your ideal partner enjoyable and meaningful.

Why you should choose our Utah matchmaker?

We have a unique approach to finding ideal matches:

We have a team of certified matchmakers, psychologists, and dating coaches that empower you with knowledge of how to build a relationship successfully instead of simply arranging tons of dates which are a total waste of time!

Why are we confident that this will work for you?

Have you ever gotten frustrated and insecure and sensed something is off? It is important not only to recognize these feelings but also to understand where they come from.

Answer these questions and if you gave a yes to any of them, here is the place where you should be.

  • You keep choosing the wrong people to date and are not sure who exactly you need?
  • Do you fear that you end up with someone who doesn’t make you happy?


  • Your personal dating history or past traumas do not let you build a relationship
  • You feel like you usually don’t understand what are your partner’s needs in a relationship
  • Your own needs and goals in a relationship are vague for you
  • You have no experience with men/women
  • Your self-confidence is damaged or low
  • You are too self-confident to recognize your partners’ needs are different or more.

What we offer is much more than just a selection of matches.


If you’ve ever tried speed dating in Utah and or applied to a dating or matchmaking website or service, you know that they only show you different profiles and match you with some random people. It is very easy to just show you appealing profiles of men/women who meet the criteria you requested.


We could do it as well but we don’t. What we offer is a unique and individual approach to each verified client.

 For that reason, our service does not simply match you with someone in Utah, but our professional approach consists of:

  • An initial interview helps us identify whether you need a matchmaking program.
  • A full course of psychological sessions with a certified psychologist.
  • Helping you to create an appealing Utah profile that gives you the popularity you deserve among potential matches.
  • Arrangement of real dates.
  • Honest and constructive feedback from our professional dating coaches on each of your dates.
  • Interaction until you reach your final desired result.

1. The first step is the Initial Interview


We must make sure that you need and want a healthy relationship before you start to use our matchmaking services in Utah. Our certified matchmakers will conduct a one-on-one interview to identify:

  • Your background
  • What are your goals
  • What past experiences and traumas you’ve had
  • What are your wishes and expectations regarding your potential life partner.


In case they are sure that you are serious and looking for a life partner to build a good and healthy relationship and marriage, we will move on to the next step.


2. The second step is 1:1 sessions with a certified relationship psychologist  

In this step of our Utah matchmaking program, we provide you with a full course of sessions with a certified psychologist, before selecting real matches for you. You need to know and understand why your previous relationship failed and if they weren’t why you can’t start a new one. These are what we will find out through these sessions:

  • Your fears in a relationship
  • You are looking for a certain type of person
  • Whether you are ready for a new relationship at the moment
  • How you should improve before you start dating in Utah and what things we must work on together

3. Creating a Utah dating profile

Before you start your journey with us, our expert matchmaker in Utah will carefully create your profile for you. It is important to provide relevant and important information and accurate facts about yourself in your profile. Our professional matchmakers know exactly what kind of profiles are going to attract your ideal partner. This way, we’re multiplying your chances of dating successfully by 100%.


4. It’s time for the actual matchmaking services in Utah

In this step, you are ready for a great match in Utah. Previous steps have equipped us with the information, our Utah matchmaker will select the most suitable matches for you. The Utah dating process has already started, so you won’t have to wait long. You will be able to meet all of your potential partners soon.

Your date will be sure to get a thorough consultation before and after a date with our expert Utah matchmakers. We’ll help you prepare for everything from what clothes are appropriate, how much time should pass since the last contact, and other important factors that can affect the success or failure of any relationship. Also, they will discuss the experience and offer feedback. Of course, it’s always good to be prepared for your next adventure!

We have different missions than other matchmakers

Hey, I’m Kate, CEO & Founder of 1 Matching (

Utah dating finally has a cure! We help you stop making the same mistakes when it comes to finding your life partner. Let us help you create that healthy and happy relationship with an effective Utah dating process of meeting compatible people in an enjoyable and constructive journey.

1 Matching’s Utah matchmaker can find a partner from anywhere in the world. You will first discuss with your professional coach where you would like to meet people from, Utah?

Other states?

Or other countries?

1 Matching  will accommodate all requests!

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