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Everyone knows that life in New York is very busy.

Each nyc matchmaker is willing to do his/her best to satisfy demanding customer who is looking for love.

Although, not everyone is successful in his/her search of love with the regular nyc matchmaker… Why?

1 Matching is radically different from all matchmaking services offered in NYC

What really makes 1Matching different from the other NYC matchmakers? 

Аlmost all matchmakers in New York City focus only on matching you with a pair.…And that’s where it all ends up…

But none of them will teach you how to build a relationship with the chosen couple. That is why in 98% out of 100 (based on real statistics) the whole process fails …


1 Benefit of using 1 Matching:

 ✓Our main offer and benefit is to help a customer to build up the basis of relationships as well as to help to realize his/ her past mistakes which could prevent in creating and keeping harmonious relationships.

 ✓Our professional matchmaker works along with practical psychologists who helps the customers not just to make the right choice when selecting the matches but also to analyze and FIX the mistakes of their previous relationship.

 ✓Practical psychologist sessions are must for every customer who uses 1 Matching’s program. All our customers enjoy it a lot.

 ✓We provide an anonymous approach

 ✓ During the whole process until you reach a desirable result you will be getting our constant support of a dating coach and practical psychologist.


2 Benefit of using 1 Matching:

 ✓1 Matching also offers matches selection globally.✓ Our matchmaker of NYC can arrange for you to search for a partner not only in any state of the USA but also in any country in the world.

 ✓We operate almost in every country in the world.  ✓ It greatly expands the search possibilities and gives you a chance to find the one you really need – a real life partner.



Our Services of matchmaker service NYC will Suit You in the Following Cases:


You are a serious person, and you want to find that special someone who will be your life partner for the rest of your days.

You don’t know where to begin when starting a new relationship.

You don’t have time to find a partner.

You’ve tried building relationships before, but they didn’t work out.

You’re disappointed by past relationships so you don’t want to get into another one.

You’ve had a bad experience with various speed-daters and dating or even matchmakers before.


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