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We’ve been helping busy professionals take some of the stress out of dating for more than 15 years. Our Professional Miami Matchmaker  is here to do hand-selecting matches individually for you.

If you’ve ever tried dating in Miami or even applied to professional Miami Matchmaking, you know that they don’t go any further than selecting “matches” for you.

What can be easier than just showing you appealing profiles of men/women who meet some of the criteria you requested?

Yes, we could do it too but we don’t….

1 Matching’s Miami Matchmaking approach is completely different from another matchmakers operating in the Miami area. Why?


✓ Because we include into the whole process of matchmaking a certified psychologists who help clients build relationships by overcoming emotional barriers that hindered them in the past.

✓ You work with certified matchmakers specialized in helping people meet their partners.

✓ We teach you how to build relationships effectively rather than just arranging lots of dates which aren’t really worth your time.

✓We don’t just connect you with people—we check if selected matches meet your criteria of choice

✓Our service is 100% confidential.


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So what will you be getting by becoming our customer:

An analysis of your past experiences to highlight all bright and negative aspects of them to help you avoid making similar mistakes in the future 
An anonymous approach
Matches selection all around the world
Help to meet and start dating with the right people.
A constant support from an experienced dating coach and personal relationship specialist throughout the whole way you deal with Miami Matchmaker


Our Services of Miami Matchmaker will help you in the following cases:

You are a serious person, so you want to find that perfect partner for the rest of your life.
You don’t really know how to start  a new relationship.
You don’t want to waste time finding a partner.
You’ve tried  building relationships before, but they haven’t worked out.
You’ve had  bad experiences before with various speed-daters and dating apps or even matchmakers.
You’re losing interest in starting another relationship because you’ve had bad experiences in the past.

You’ll first talk to your Miami matchmaker about where you’d like to meet someone. It could be anyone from anywhere in the world.

Tired of dating apps & looking for serious relations?

Hello, I’m Kate, CEO of 1  where we’ve put together a team of experts in relationship psychology and counseling to help curb this distress.

Our services include searching out the most suitable match, understanding their interest and putting yours in alignment with theirs, and arranging dates on your behalf, while at the same time, trying to help you walk through the whole process. 

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