Our Process

Our secret is in our unique approach.

We include relationship coaching before you even begin the dating process. 

Don’t let your relationship suffer, especially during the critical early stages, because you simply didn’t understand what your partner needed from you.

Your membership begins with 10 sessions with a professional relationship psychologist who will help you understand relationship psychology and guide you through the process.  As you begin to meet singles, your counselor will continue to guide you, providing advice to approaching the next stage in the relationship.  No other matchmaking service provides this kind of hands-on advice and counseling.

Of course, you can always upgrade your membership if you find that you need more time with your counselor.  We’re here to make sure you get what you desire from your relationship.

This is what makes our luxury matchmaking services unique.

And getting started is very easy.  Here’s how:


Become a Member

The first step on your journey to finding that special someone is to become a member of our service. As a member, you will have access to our exclusive bespoke matchmaking services. Applying for membership is very easy. Simply contact us and we will provide you with information about the services we provide and invite you to an informal meeting. The goal of this meeting is to get to know you and learn about your background, personality, lifestyle, interests, and, of course, what characteristics you look for in an ideal partner.

Schedule a Convenient Interview

Unlike other luxury matchmaking services, we believe that getting to know our members on a personal level is essential to your success. Certain traits like your personality and values are difficult to communicate in most online dating experiences. This can result in failed connections. Using our methods, you can overcome the challenges that most people encounter using online dating apps. After you become a members, we will schedule you for a convenient in-depth personal interview with one of our associates. During this interview, we will evaluate factors like personality, values, emotional availability, body language, and physical appearance. Due to current COVID limitations, your interview may take place online using an online application like Skype or WhatsApp.

Work with a Professional Psychologist

Once you have completed your interview, you will begin working with one of our relationship counselors. You will have twelve 60-minute sessions with a professional psychologist over Skype. Of course, more session can be added if you find them helpful. During your first meeting, your counselor will take an anamnesis, a type of relationship history. You will explore past relationships to uncover your particular challenges and explore the sometimes painful questions and issues that may have led to past relationship failures. From this information, you counselor will develop an individual strategy and approach to dating and building a relationship that will give you the tools to help you overcome these past challenges. Additional sessions will be devoted to exploring issues that may cause concern. Why are you still single? Why have you had difficulty meeting people or building fulfilling relationships? How can you avoid the failures of your past and make new relationships healthy and long-lasting? Your counselor can help you navigate some of the reasons you may have had challenges in the past. We never share your personal information with anyone, especially potential matches, without your explicit consent. Trust and confidentiality is essential to the matchmaking services we provide. We pride ourselves in our unique approach and expertise in this area.

Select Your Match

Your matchmaker will present you with a carefully curated selection of profiles from which to choose. With the help of your counselor, you can make an informed decision to pursue a particular match or continue with your search. If you decide to pursue a match, you will be given a chance to contact your match and go on a date. During the date, you can assess how compatible you are with a particular person. At this stage, you can take time to explore each other's personality, lifestyle, chemistry, and physical attraction. Your matchmaker is always available to help with questions you have as you pursue your connections.


After a date, your matchmaker will spend time with you discussing your experiences. This is an opportunity for you to let us know how the date went and whether or not you want to move forward. It's important that you be completely honest about your experience so that we can assess current and future needs and adjust your matchmaking strategy. Clear and open communication helps us refine our search and work toward finding that special someone just for you. After your date, your Matchmaker will spend time with you discussing the date and your experiences. You can let us know how the date went and how you want to move forward. You’ll be encouraged to be completely honest about your experience, so that we’re better able to fulfil any current or future needs you have. Clear and open communication helps us to refine our search and work towards finding you that special someone.

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