Precious feminine qualities men want women to have

If you wonder what those precious feminine qualities men want in women are, you should know that there is no a one-size-fits-all type of lady that is loved and admired by all men. Some love slim blondes while others prefer curvy brunettes. Everything depends on the personal preferences of each man.

There are some qualities men want in women that will help you attract the right type of men. Keep watching until the end and find out:

  • What men want from women;
  • What guys find attractive in girls;
  • Which qualities you should possess to attract the man you really want;
  • Relationship advice for women.

Natural balance

To be happy in your relationship, there should be a balance in it. What does it mean? It means that strong men need weaker women while strong women need weaker men. A strong man is a leader, he is very active and successful, and he needs someone who can be softer and tenderer because he lacks those qualities.

A strong man wants to come home and feel quietly and cozy, and then it will be a balance. He must wear a mask of a leader every day and show everyone how strong he is. If you are quiet and balanced inside, you will complete a strong and tough man.

If you are a strong and leading woman, are very successful in your career, are a lady boss, you will attract weaker men. In this case, you switch roles but you have balance. Two leaders and two strong people cannot live quietly with one another because there is no balance in your relationship.

Now ask yourself a question: What kind of men do you attract all the time and are they sort of men you really want?

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Well-cared women

A man appreciates the qualities he doesn’t have, such as femininity, beauty, soft and well-groomed skin, hair, face, manicure, etc. Feminine women attract men. However, it doesn’t mean that you must look like a model or celebrity, not at all. You just must possess those feminine woman qualities.

Love yourself, wear makeup, devote time to attend salons, hair stylists, do sports, wear beautiful and feminine clothes. Be attractive, after all, and then, you will attract men, it is very easy. If you want to start dating, find relationships, and find a good man who will admire you, love yourself and be beautiful in his eyes. Take care of your face, hair, and body.

It is crucial to be beautiful not only inside but also outside. Men can scan very quickly whether you love yourself. If you are not happy with how you look, a man won’t be happy either. When you love yourself, you will attract men.

Feminine energy

When a woman has a lust for life, she is very attractive to men and she can easily break the man code. When you have sparkles in your eyes, any man is attracted and wants to share your energy with you. However, your feminine energy can be blocked, so here is dating advice for women that will help you understand why your energy is blocked and doesn’t attract proper men:

  • Inability to hear your body. For example, when you work hard, come home, and bring your tiredness and problems home. You must find ways to recharge and have rest. 
  • Low self-esteem. If you strive to please everyone and think of yourself at the very last moment.
  • Improper priorities. A woman’s role is to keep her home nest. You have to be a woman, wife, mother, and only then be successful in your career.
  • Suppressed emotions. Women, who collect negative emotions inside and don’t let them out, not only have no energy but also have a lot of illnesses. You are not happy, not satisfied, and destroy everything around you. By all means, you should avoid suppressing negative emotions such as offense, anger, hate, etc. Your inner condition is only up to you. To be a true queen, you have to be beautiful not only outside but also inside.

Cracking the man code

If you want to know how men think, what men think, and crack the man code, check out the following qualities men want to see in women and find out how to find the one.

1. Softness

Men appreciate soft and kind women, those who know how to take care of their men and family. However, you should be very careful and avoid becoming a mother for your man. You still must be a woman he desires and not his mother.

Very often, when a mom’s energy exceeds, a man can say that he loves and respects you as the mother of his children but doesn’t want you as a woman. It means your mother’s energy outweighed your feminine energy.

2. Ability to support

Here is dating advice for women — a man needs your support and appreciates it very much when you can support him. Make sure to support only when a man asks for it. On your intuitive level, you may think it is right to ask about his problems and show your care.

Men do not want it though; they don’t want to show that they failed in some aspect and don’t need you to feel sorry. When a man needs your support, he will tell himself. Stop interrogating him and don’t try to communicate with men when they don’t want it.

Unfortunately, women often don’t see the thin line between support and obtrusiveness. Avoid being obtrusive but support your man only when he needs it. Let your man express his problems, tell about everything, don’t interrupt, and only then express your opinion. Breaking the man code is easy when you can listen to your partner.

However, you should pay attention also to how much your man talks. My boyfriend is a chatterbox — if this is what you think about your man, then he doesn’t have time for actions. This should concern you either. Just pay some attention to this relationship advice for women.

3. Self-development

If you are a woman who can self-develop, you are attractive for men. When you have no interests, no passions, and not something you have a lust for, you are not interesting to anyone. If you need dating advice and want to understand men, start doing something you really love.

Keep in mind it has nothing to do with your career. You should not strive to be the best in your career and earn more than your man. If you boost your career quicker than your man, you become his competitor. Your relationship is the boss-employee relationship but not a couple.

It’s enough to find something you want to do and develop in it. It can be anything — reading, sports, dancing, drawing, yoga, and whatever you are interested in. Just have some interests. If you don’t have any interests, even a relationship coach for women won’t help you attract a man.

Love advice for women

If you need love advice, you should first understand that you don’t have to deserve love. What does it mean? Most women try to be perfect and deserve the love of a man. This is the biggest mistake. It is really great to be yourself in your relationship.

Be honest with yourself, first of all. Of course, you don’t have to tell your man about each of your shortcomings. Just promise yourself to work on them and become a better version of yourself rather than wearing a mask of a better version of yourself.

Another relationship advice is not to try to be the woman good men are looking for. You don’t have to be a convenient woman. Be yourself, work on yourself, become better but never pretend. Convenient women are usually left by men. Sooner or later, a man is bored with you when you try to please him in all aspects. A woman must have her needs, desires, and not be afraid to express them. Only when you know what you want, a man will be truly attracted to you.

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