Top Men’s Fears When Meeting Women

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First-matching with you again and today we are going to discuss Top Men’s Fears When Meeting Women!

If you are a modern, independent lady looking for a decent man, check this dating advice to find out what exactly men are afraid of when getting acquainted with you. There are some things women do that push men away and they might break your image of men.

By the way, this tutorial might be useful for men as well too.

So, what are those annoying things women do that push men away?

Keep watching this video and find out:

  • What men want;
  • What are the mistakes women make in relationships;
  • What are common things girls do that guys don’t like;
  • Why do men pull away when trying to get to know you.

So….What pushes men away?

Here is relationship advice for all women — men have their fears and you should clearly realize them. Not all men are such great alpha males and not everyone can start talking to women. All men are afraid not to be accepted by you!

Some women often complain that men have become weak, they cannot be brave, they are afraid of beautiful women, gentlemen are afraid of strong women, they are afraid of women in general, etc. Others complain that if you are a real man, you will be able to get acquainted with a lady because you have no fears, you are a robot, a terminator, or Jason Statham and do not have any obstacles.

Please let us dispel those myths, ladies. First of all, a strong man is a man who is successful in his business. It doesn’t mean he must be a business owner. He just should be good at what he is doing. A strong man can be successful in his career, be a great dancer, be a successful artist, athlete, etc. No matter what he is doing, he is good at it. Being a master of his field doesn’t mean being an expert in meeting women.

It is important to realize the difference between being a strong and successful man and being a pickup guru. Pickup masters have learned how to be fearless in meeting and talking to women. They are great at seducing women but it doesn’t mean they are strong and successful at other spheres of life.

Thus, each potential girlfriend should ask herself who does she need and who does she want to see by her side. Do you want your boyfriend to be a master of pickup and communication or be a master of his business, something he has a lust for, and a good and stable potential husband? First, you should set up your relationship goals.

The fear of being not accepted

Men are not afraid of beautiful women at all, or of successful ladies. They are also not afraid of rejection. A gentleman is not afraid that you would say “Excuse me, I am married” or “Excuse me, I have a boyfriend”. He is afraid of rude rejection, judgment, and critics.  A man has a fear of being not accepted as a man.

To understand men better, it’s necessary to figure out where this fear comes from. It comes from childhood. When being children, boys often hear that they are not right; they hear more critics than appreciation of their positive qualities. Usually, parents say —look at this guy, he is doing everything properly, and why can’t you do the same?

Men usually face critics when they are young and this affects their fears in the future. Therefore, when a lady appears with her serious face, no smile, and shows how independent and strong you are, these are the things girls do that guys don’t like. You might say that successful men do not have so many fears.

However, a successful man who has a good career, house, income, car, etc., is happy with his life, doesn’t look at a woman as at his potential wife at first. He has doubts whether he should come up to you or not. This man is happy with what he has at the moment and doesn’t want to be disappointed by your rudeness. Therefore, for that reason, successful men often choose not to spoil their mood and just don’t even attempt talking to you.

No worries, this relationship advice for women is not called to feel sorry for guys and say how poor they are. This is dating advice for women to let you know how to make men consider dating you and at least, start talking to you. Not just men but good, strong, and successful gentlemen. Then ask yourself what do you “broadcast”? What does a man see when he is looking at you?

If he can see a nice, smiling face and energy, he will be eager to get to know you. However, if he can see a “stone” and unhappy face, he won’t even try because he is afraid you won’t accept him. This is how men think. A man is not afraid of your rejection but he doesn’t want to be offended or abused.

If you ask yourself how to make men want to get to know you, be happy, sunny, and express light. If someone wants to talk, don’t be rude. Just tell him “Hey, you are a cool guy but I am married”. In this case, this guy will feel even better regardless of being rejected because you accepted him as a man, highlighted his advantages, and were not rude at all.

Therefore, before looking for relationship tips or relationship coaching, ask yourself whether you want to attract successful men or you need someone who is good at picking you up. If you are looking for option number one, then give a chance to successful men and make them want to approach you rather than giving up even without trying.

Now, over to you….Was current post useful?

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