20 Obvious Signs A Man Is Using You For Money

Let’s get right to the point: if you’re searching for warning indications that a man is exploiting you for financial gain, you most likely already know it’s happening to you.

You know you deserve better than being in a toxic relationship!

If your spouse isn’t sincere, your personal life and well-being will come last when sentiments are involved. But you must constantly remind yourself that you are the most important person, so I’ll say it again:

You should be appreciated for who you are, not for what you have!

Hence, I have compiled a list of the twenty obvious signs that a man is just using you for money ⬇


20 Obvious Signs A Man Is Using You For Money:

It is easy to discern when someone uses you only for financial stability. They never actually talk about such financial matters, but if they need you to pay the bill, they can’t help it. If you pay attention, you may quickly identify the warning indications that a man is taking advantage of your financial situation.

To make things easier for you, up next are the most blatant signs that a man is with you only for money.

1. He Constantly Needs Money For Everything

Let’s start off with the most basic one; he always needs money from you for everything and anything!

He continually requests money from you due to his money situation. He also promises to pay you back in a couple of months. His financial reasons may include the treatment of his ailing pet or establishing a company. His bank is having issues for an illogical reason, and he needs a unique item for his car.

He may be too caught up in his falsehoods to understand how troubling his actions are. If he keeps inventing reasons why he needs money and insisting that all of his problems are good reasons, that’s your major sign.

2. He Does Not Have A Job 

Does your partner not have a job or proper source of income? Then he’s probably feeding off someone – who’s most probably you. 

He flaunts the new stuff he has purchased, but you do not have solid proof of his source of income. What exactly does he do? He probably doesn’t do anything that earns him money if his responses are evasive, and he becomes hostile when you try to discuss it with him.

3. He Doesn’t Have Long Term Objectives 

The absence of a job in itself is not a symptom of a true gold digger. Anyone can experience it, and in that financial crisis, depending on your loved ones to support you while you recover from your situation is normal. But the key to keep in mind is that most of those who find themselves in that circumstances are ready to work and restore their freedom.

However, not this guy. One of the common signs that you’re dealing with a leech is if he enjoys not having a career or if he can’t hold down a job because he doesn’t care. You should be cautious if he has no career ambition and is perfectly content to rely on others for help.

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4. He Has Previously Dated Wealthy Women 

Examining his prior partners might help you identify a gold digger boyfriend quickly. Have they all been well-off and able to afford their way of life? If he is a professional sugar baby, you could unintentionally be his most recent sugar mommy.

Many individuals are content to support their spouses eternally in their adult relationship dynamics. However, what he is doing differs from that in that he is deceitful and attempting to deceive you into supporting him through your debit cards.

5. He Never Offers To Pay

A person is either cheap or a freeloader if he cannot part with his own money but is happy to receive yours. He frequently pretends to have forgotten his wallet or never brings up the matter of paying since he never intended to pay in the first place.
This is a definite warning sign of a one-sided relationship.


When a man struggles financially but is not a gold digger, he dislikes paying every time. If you were in a balanced relationship with a man who couldn’t pay, he would communicate with you rather than act as if he could but couldn’t.

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6. He Is Very Interested In Your Financial Life 

A man is exploiting you for money if he is more interested in your bank account than in you, which is a clear indicator. No matter how close you are, he has no right to meddle in your financial affairs.

If you planned to get married and share your resources with each other, discussing your financial goals and conditions with a guy might make sense. You’ll look back and see how inappropriate this was when you eventually meet a wonderful person after this poisonous relationship.

7. He Spends Excessively 


Being poor with expensive tastes isn’t necessarily a red flag for a gold digger, but it is one when you want the finest, even when you are having a tough time. If he is constantly wearing fancy clothing, spending money on outings, having extravagant gifts, and owning the newest technology while being unemployed and having no source of money, that’s a sign. 

When he demands a particular amount of money from you, try denying it and observe what occurs.

8. He Doesn’t Discuss Financials

If you’re the one who consistently foots the bill and supports his way of life, it’s only natural to start to worry whether he’s exploiting you by being one smooth talker and to confront him about it.

Therefore, if he reacts angrily or defensively when you bring up the subject, he is trying to divert attention away from the real problem. It’s emotional blackmail designed to get you to change the subject and keep believing his falsehoods.

9. He Suggests Activities That Are Too Expensive


If he suggests that you buy or do something that he obviously cannot afford, it is an indicator that he is using you. He can then “forget his wallet” or expect you to handle things after he makes a recommendation when the time to pay comes. 

This is undoubtedly another tactic he employs to obtain something from you. A gold digger has little respect for others and cares about getting his way. He only wants to do things, not do them with you, and you are simply a handy wallet he brings along.

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10. He Feels Too Insecure 

He never considers that not everyone is like that, as his sole focus is on how to utilize others. He fears that what he thinks is his will end up in the hands of your loved ones, since that is what he would do.

A gold digger could seem envious and nervous when another man approaches you and expresses real interest, but not for the usual reasons. He doesn’t fear losing the woman he loves, but he does feel threatened that you may pick someone else over him and leave him penniless.

11. He Becomes Angry If You Say No


If you don’t want to do whatever he wants you to do, he’ll get angry since he had his eye on that indulgent activity. He begins emotionally blackmailing you when you refuse to give him anything he requests because you find it too expensive or are unable to pay for it.

Remember that his sentiments are not your responsibility, despite his attempts to make you feel guilty for your answer. You shouldn’t fall for toxic conduct when you try to maintain your limits and he pushes them by making you feel horrible about yourself.

12. He Doesn’t Care About Your Life

Nothing in your life is actually intriguing to him except your money. You should think carefully about ending this unhealthy relationship if he just cares about your paycheck and doesn’t seem to be interested in your day.

The first sign that someone likes you is that he finds everything about you intriguing. You’ll miss out on finding someone who will adore you for who you are if you continue dating a man who just considers your financial value and how he may benefit from it.

13. He Makes No Effort 

Whether or not a man is in it for the money, if he isn’t making an effort in your relationship, he isn’t the right one for you. You’re not the only one responsible for the relationship as a whole, and continuing it can only lead to heartache.

14. He Isn’t Loyal To You

Your intuition may be enough to convince you that he is being unfaithful, but if you want to be absolutely certain, observe his behavior and look for the most typical indications of infidelity. If you can check many of these warning signs—which are universal—it’s quite probable that your gut instinct is correct.

15. He Isn’t Emotionally Connected To You

Without an emotional connection, a partnership cannot be healthy and committed. He doesn’t care about having that sort of connection with you if he is emotionally unavailable or you can’t seem to connect with him.

16. He Refuses To Visit Your Family and Friends.

It’s suspicious when a man you are seeing makes excuses to not go out with your buddies or your family. A man who truly cares about you will accompany you to meet the important people in your life. 

17. He Leaves The Room When The Phone Rings 

He maybe hiding somerhing if he closes his social networking applications while you’re not looking or leaves the room to answer the phone. He could be unfaithful, but he also might just be living a life without you.

18. People Accuse Him of Using You.

It might be time to put your trust in their good intentions and quit making excuses when your best friend and family both urge you to split up with him. Stop defending him in front of your family and friends.

Avoid attempting to justify your conduct to others in the same manner that he keeps making up stories to extort money from you. 

19. He Wouldn’t be Concerned About You If You Were Poor

One of the fundamental distinctions between a true connection and a poisonous relationship is the absence of selfishness. Your intuition is usually correct if it suggests that he wouldn’t care about you if you didn’t have any money. You’re feeling that way just because you don’t want to acknowledge to yourself that he is taking advantage of you.

It’s time to prioritize your needs over those of this leech. Concentrate on what you desire, and raise your goals if it involves him. Let your palate surpass that.

20. His Behavior Changes When You Run Into Money Problems 

One of the telltale signs that he just thinks only about money is when he becomes angry with you when you run out of money. Without considering your sentiments, he is financially and emotionally abusing you. 

If your financial situation doesn’t improve, he’ll stop seeing you as valuable and move on to another person he can utilize. If it does get better, his emotions will jolt back to life. Get rid of this person before it gets that far and turns into an abusive relationship.

If any of the aforementioned indications of a man exploiting you for financial gain apply to your intimate relationship, it’s time to deal with it. You must choose the course of action that is best for you when you need to make a decision.

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