TOP 4 reasons why you are single

Dear Ladies! This video is for you!
I’m going to tell you about 4 main
reasons of why  you’re still single, let’s go

If you are a single woman thinking “why am i still single?” you definitely need some help. There are plenty of reasons why you’re still single even though you are a beautiful, successful, self-sufficient, and confident lady.

It seems that any man would be happy to have relationships with such a woman. What’s wrong with you then and why you’re still single? If you want to but cannot find a single guy for dating, keep watching this video until the very end and find out:

  • 4 reasons why you are single;
  • The main reasons why you haven’t found love;
  • What a single girl should do to find a relationship;
  • How to be single and happy ;
  • How to get a boyfriend quickly and efficiently, and much more.

So let’s begin from a reason number 1  — You are still single because you don’t go on dates

The first reason why you’re single is the fact that you do not go on dates. Do you? Well, most girls don’t. Here is what they say actually: “well, if I liked someone, I would go on a date”. They don’t have any dates because they don’t have time, they are too lazy, or they do not like anyone.

Listen, you cannot like anyone if you have 0 dates per month! Just set up a goal – for example, 8 dates per month, 12 dates per month, or as many as you like per month. Three days with one guy do not count, they count like one date. Therefore, you should meet 6,8,10 or as many as you wish new guys each month.

Have at least one or two dates per week. Of course, you don’t have to date someone you find disgusting. But here is dating advice — if you are single   , don’t look for perfect dates only. Dates can be different. Some of them are successful while others are not. Try, have different dates, and see how diverse your life is.

There is no need to wait for a man you are in love with. Just conduct an experiment — several dates within 30 days. You will notice that your energy is changing. There are events around you. Life is happening. Most girls just don’t want to go out at all, they find tons of excuses and reasons to just sit at home and wait for their prince.

Attention, girls, you will never meet your prince while sitting at home and rejecting the chances to meet him!

Reason 2 — Why I’m single? Because I don’t like anyone!

The expression “I don’t like anyone” is translated as “I don’t like anyone of those who like me”. For example, you like Ronaldo or Brad Pitt or some other men in this world you like. Those men are either married or just have no idea who you are, right? Even if they know you, they do not like you. And this is the core of the problem.

If you need dating tips — just go back to tip #1 above and start dating! The main reasons why you’re single are your fears and mistrust. When a woman has already had some unsuccessful experience, she is afraid to get closer to men. The deepest reason here is trust! You cannot trust men because of your poor experience with them.

Nothing happened and you did not even meet anyone yet and you already don’t like anyone. How can you not like a man you have never had a date with? Self help is what you need. Help yourself start trusting men again. The lack of trust is one of the core reasons why you’re single.

Just think of it, start working on your self-improvement and personal development and start getting closer to men. We are not talking about any intimate relationships. Just start considering men as your potential date. If this reason has nothing to do with you, then skip it and check the next one.

Reason 3 — Why am i single? Because I don’t understand men’s psychology and restrict myself 

One of the reasons why you’re still single is that you do not understand what men want and you restrict yourself. Staying single is not much fun, especially if you are looking for a relationship. But sometimes, you contribute to your single life by having restrictions in your mind.

All men are cheaters, all men are weak, all guys need sex, etc. — these are one of the most common girls’ restrictions that don’t let you build a happy relationship. Here is great relationship advice — you get exactly what you believe in. If you believe men are bad, you attract bad men. If you are convinced they all cheat, you attract cheaters, etc.

How to get rid of these reasons to remain single? It’s easy — conduct another experiment and think “what if I am wrong?” or “what if not all men cheat?” or “what if not all men want only sex?” etc. What if there are great guys and what if some of the good men are not married yet? Just try and help men want to make you happy. Your self-esteem is a lion’s share of your restrictions. Work on the positive side of relationships and just assume that men can be different than you had an experience with. Once you change your confirmations, your life will start changing. Your reasons to be single will just start fading away themselves.

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Reason 4 — Manipulations

Even if you know how to be happy single, you need someone to date, kiss, hug, and just enjoy your time with. However, you should realize that being offended, filing claims, being closed and not genuine, not replying to calls or messages at once, pretending to be someone you are not are nothing but manipulations.

You might say, “So what, what’s wrong with it?” There is nothing wrong with it. The only thing you should realize is that only manipulative men follow your manipulations. If you use manipulations and are happy they work, you attract only the same manipulators.

Of course, it is better to manipulate than strive for self-development while being single. Although healthy relationships cannot be built on such manipulations. If you are a single person looking for relationship tips, realize that pretending to be someone you are not is much easier but it doesn’t lead to happiness. It only leads to misery. Not only your misery but of other people around you.

If you are looking for relationship advice for women, just assume that all of your confirmations might be wrong. Everything that worked before isn’t working today. The world is changing and you should catch up with it. Need worthy love advice? Then just work on yourself, start believing that men can be better than you have met before, and change your own perception of men, relationships, and the world, in general. Only in that case, your life will change as well.

Now, over to you….Was current video & article useful? How long have you been single? And are you going to change something about it?

 Feel free to ask our professional matchmakers  for a proper dating advice in your comment bellow.

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