Unexpected falling in love quotes

➢ Is Falling in love something most people suffer for years? .. Yes, it is..

➢ Sometimes, we fall in love when we don’t even expect or want it.

➢ Some people fall in love easily while others suffer and spend a lot of time to get to know the person and open themselves to those intimate feelings.

➢ In is article you will Learn about Secret unexpected falling in love quotes are a powerful tool in getting someone’s attention and admiration if that is your intention. 

➢  It’s also about 14 questions to ask before marriage, as well as how to apply them to create a healthy relationship.

You should be able to apply all secrets we provide here properly to succeed though. It is crucial to distinguish true falling in love feeling from just affection or a casual affair.

This will SURELY help you avoid many mistakes with your crush in the future.


Unexpected falling in love quotes and how they help build a relationship

Falling in love unexpectedly is not a big deal both for men and women. You might have heard that women love with their ears. It means that what you say is important to them. Of course, modern women are very difficult to please. They do not believe words but only actions of men. However, it is the statement that is true for a healthy long-term relationship and marriage. No one cancelled unexpected love though.

Unexpected falling in love quotes boost your attractiveness in women’s eyes.

Women tend to experience love when it is much unexpected and it is based on their hormones and initial contact. Thus, no matter what you think, any woman is pleased to have secret unexpected falling in love quotes.

Unexpected love quotes attract women’s attention.

When you say something like “I’ve been watching you for some time. Can’t stop staring at those oceans eyes”, don’t be afraid that a woman will consider it banal. Regardless of how serious a woman is, she will be anyways flattered to hear such words and they will boost your chances for her attention.

  • All what is described in a current article will help you to build a stronger initial contact with a lady.
    Even when you are married, such unexpected falling in love quotes will help you a lot to warm up your relationships with your wife.
    Now fallow our recommendations below ⬇

14 Questions to ask before marriage

Marriage is a serious step and even though you are in your dating euphoria, and soulmate unexpected love quotes are the only phrases in your mind, let’s not forget about common sense. The truth is so many issues in marriages could be avoided if partners put in some more effort before it. One of the ways to do it is to ask your partner “the right” questions.

  1. Children

Everything that concerns children must be asked before marriage. Your plans, views, and opinions on children might be the opposite regardless of your strong feelings. You should make such points absolutely clear for you both:

  • Do you want to have children?
  • How many kids do you want to have?
  • At what stage before marriage do you want to have children?
  • How do you plan to educate your children, to what extent your parents will participate in the growth of your children, etc.?

All these and many other very important points regarding kids to be asked before marriage will save you from huge disappointments in the future. Have you known that the biggest number of divorces happens in the first three years after having children? This happens exactly because you have never discussed such crucial questions before marriage and were only thinking about falling for you quotes.

  1. Money

If you don’t discuss money aspects before getting married, you do not discuss anything at all. Money is crucial, especially when it comes to families. Try to make it clear:

  • Do we both imagine how we are going to earn money and how and who will spend them?
  • Who will make the most important financial decisions in our family?
  • What your attitude to your different incomes is, etc.?

Everything that concerns your financial life and obligations must be clearly identified at the early stage of your relationship. Especially it concerns long distance relationshipswhen one of the partners supports another one financially. There are so many you came into my life unexpectedly quotes online that people forget about something really crucial for their healthy marriages.

  1. Household

Here is dating advice for a man and a woman — the common household is inevitable. You will not spend all of your time in restaurants and cafes. You both will live in one place, have a common household, duties, and needs. You need to discuss how to spread your house chores. Who will wash, clean, how often, etc.? These things will happen very soon and if you disagree on them, divorce will be inevitable. Therefore, knowing quotes about falling in love is really great but they will hardly solve your household problems in the future.

  1. Health

Of course, you cannot discuss your illnesses at the beginning of your relationships, unless they are obvious. Here is dating advice for women — there is no need to ask or tell about the illnesses or health issues on your first dates. This happens much later, when you both trust one another. However, it is necessary to learn about them before marriage.

Let’s say, your partner has chronicle issues that are not obvious but cause many inconveniences in life. If you are not ready to face them and cope with them, common life will be very tough, so try to find out everything possible about the health of your future husband or wife. If your partner is snoring and it irritates you, it is not the reason not to marry. You can just sleep in different bedrooms. If you have long distance love, this problem is not that essential. Different quotes about falling in love unexpectedly are great at the very beginning of your relationship but when you plan to be with someone long-term, you should think deeper.

  1. Love

It’s obvious that you are going to marry someone because you love this person. But what is love for you? It is not only about unexpected falling in love quotes. Does your partner comply with your image of love and your needs? Does he or she give you what you want and what you need? Let’s say, you have asked for a cup of water and your partner gave you a cup of milk because it’s healthier. In this case, you receive a drink but not exactly the one you asked for. So make sure the person you are going to marry realizes and understands your needs.

Ask questions that will help you understand whether your partner respects, hears you, and complies with your needs and expectations.

  1. Sex

Of course, sex is important for any relationship and marriage and it is often related to falling in love quotes. However, this is not what your marriage is based on. According to research, intimacy takes just 1% of all important issues of our married lives. It means that other things are much more important for marriages. At the same time, lots of marriages are broken because of it.

Many people are not afraid to have sex before marriage but are afraid to discuss it. Why? You should discuss it before having sexual relationships or at least, realize that waiting until marriage with this topic is unreasonable. How much will sex matter for you in your marriage, whether you are bonded by something more than just sex, and many other intimacy-related issues must be discussed before you get married.

  1. Entertainment

Entertainment has nothing to do with sex, so it is crucial to realize how you both arrange leisure, rest, and vacations. You both may have different preferences on having rest. For example, lots of men prefer having rest at home because they work in society. If a woman works at home, she wants to have rest in society. Even in terms of rest and leisure, you may disagree.

Realize that you are not obliged to have rest, arrange leisure, and go on vacations together. Each of you may have his and her personal space. But it is better to agree on it before marriage not to have misunderstandings in the future. When your love is unexpected, you often forget to discuss such crucial things.

  1. Communication

Communication is important and applying those falling for someone quotes is not exactly communication. Men and women are different in emotional aspects. Women talk a lot while men talk much less. Therefore, females need more communication than men. Find out whether you both meet your expectations in terms of healthy communication. If you lack communication, ask for it. Discuss it with your partner and let him or her know that you need more of him, you have a necessity to be heard.

  1. Values

Family values are important. Did you both achieve agreement on the religious education of your children? If you don’t know how to make long distance relationships work, the best way is to discuss the values of your future family. Especially, if you both come from different cultures, countries, and religions, you may have a lot of disagreements in this aspect. It is crucial to discuss these topics before getting married. Please realize that secret unexpected falling in love quotes are great when you see the person for the first time but values are what keeps your family together.

  1. Friends

You both must have friends. It also may happen that one of the partners is a highly sociable person who needs to meet his or her friends quite often while another one doesn’t have many friends and prefer spending time with his wife or husband. Your marriage will be a challenge in this case.

It is really significant to find out how much time you both spend with your friends, ask whether your partner is ok with you going out with your friends, etc. Here is a long distance relationship advice if you both live in different places before marriage for some reason —ask about your partner’s friends. Who are his or her friends, how much time they spend together, how often they go out, whether they are single or not, etc. — all these things matter for your future marriage.

Do not expect that your partner will stop communicating with his friends after marriage.

  1. Parents

You both love your parents. You will need to live not only with your partner but deal with his family and parents, as well. You should know as much as possible about them. First of all, it will help you understand your partner better. Look at his or her parents, how they live, what their family is like, and many things that will give you enough information about your future family. Those cute unexpected falling in love quotes won’t help you build a relationship with the parents of your future partner.

Well, we continue our discussion so the question number 12. Is Irritating features

If there are features that irritate you in your partner, do not expect them to disappear or change after marriage. If you do not like them now, do not expect to like them after marriage. Pay attention to these qualities and ask as many questions as possible to find out whether your partner is ready to change them. After marriage, your irritation will only grow. When experiencing unexpected love, people often close their eyes on many things that should be, actually, noticed as soon as possible.

  1. Limitations

Is there anything one of the partners cannot refuse after marriage? Let’s say, you do not like smokers. Ask whether your partner is ready to quit smoking before or after marriage. If you are not ready to refuse something, you should tell about it. The same concerns your partner — if you expect her or him to refuse something, you should start this discussion before marriage.

  1. Duties

Both men and women have their duties and obligations in marriages. You must learn about yours and tell about your idea of how you share your duties before marriage. Remember there is no normal age to start dating or a standard scheme of marriage. Everything is very individual.

People are usually disappointed not by their partners but by the fact that they do not meet their expectations. Make sure your expectations are realistic and your partner complies with them before getting married!

How to determine unexpected love

If you read different unexpected falling in love quotes, you will understand that when love is unexpected, you feel a sort of butterflies in your stomach. This is true and this is related not to the desire of being with this person forever because she or he is the perfect fit but with our hormones right now )))

You have probably heard tons of songs about falling in love unexpectedly and all of them depict a large number of signs that mean people fall in love. Of course, this is more the feeling of crush than true love because love is a feeling developed with time and consisting of a wide range of aspects.

I order not to browse hundreds of unexpected love quotes and trying to figure out whether you are in love or have some other feelings, check these signs of unexpected love:

  • You have a strong wish to get to know this person;
  • You want to call and text him/her although it doesn’t look like you at all;
  • Excitement when you meet this person or hear from her/him;
  • Sex stops being your priority with this person and you are happy just to be around; Although sexual attraction is strongest at this period of time
  • You are willing to change for the sake of this person;
  • Embarrassment when talking to or seeing your crush.

These unexpected falling in love quotes are just the general signs of being in love. Naturally, everyone might have his or her individual flags because each person is different. However, if you do not feel all of these aspects, you are hardly in love.

Love at first sight quotes – can you really fall in love at first sight or this is just a myth?

There are so many secret unexpected falling in love quotes and probably everyone has had a feeling of being pierced by a lightning when seeing someone for the first time. This feeling is called love at first sight. Is love at first sight possible? This question bothers people for ages. Hypothetically, it is possible and people, generally, fall in love really easily. This feeling has nothing to do with true love though.

Regardless of endless amounts of love at first sight quotes, people still break up, divorce, and experience very difficult personal traumas. Does it happen because love has ended or because people have never loved one another? Obviously, not. Everyone loves each other when getting married; however, the divorce rate in some years still reaches 100%. It means that the reason is somewhere deeper.

So, is love at first sight possible? Yes, it is possible but this love will not let you build a happy relationship and marriage. Love at first sight is based on our hormones and simple affection. What do people do when experiencing this feeling? They rush into passion and relationship forgetting about getting to know this person. People are too blind because of their “love” and they do not put in any effort into understanding whether this person is really a good fit for them.

Once they have a good dose of reality, they start noticing all those shortcomings we were talking about above. Therefore, if you want to verify whether those love at first sight quotes are true, simply recall about those 14 questions to ask before marriage and try not to hurry to implement your instant desires. Of course, if you are not looking for a fleeting affair.

Why you should never force a relationship quotes

Now as you know all the quotes about falling in love unexpectedly, it is obvious that when experiencing this feeling of instant love at first sight, people simply tend to force their relationship. This is one of the fatal mistakes in a relationship though. Of course, we all want to force it no matter what. Women want to get married the soonest while men want to have someone to sleep with. Both force it to reach their discreet goals, not to have a really healthy and long-term relationship and a happy family life. All that is made mistakenly…

Do not forget about never force a relationship quotes and always keep them in mind because forcing a relationship is dangerous for your mental health, happiness, and future. Here is why:

In 93% of cases, a forced relationship ends up with a breakup.

There is a risk of choosing the wrong person and this is going to be painful for both: men and women

It is impossible to change your partner after you both have intimate relationship, so it is crucial to learn about the shortcomings of one another at the early stage;

You do not know the person well enough- you enter into relationships with;

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These reasons should convince you to start a relationship slowly and try to get to know the person in front of you as much as possible even if you believe you are fully in love.

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